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 This is Africa’s one of the hidden treasures tucked away off the coast of Sub Saharan Africa. The two islands were once the largest producer of cocoa. This lesser-known destination is finally getting the attention that it deserves. Culture, serenity, and wildlife, you will get everything in this sparsely populated island.

This unique country needs to be visited by every travel enthusiast out there. Upon arrival, you will get to view the serene views, lush green forests, and amazing beaches. There are various reasons to visit Sao Tome and Principe. Read this article till the end if you are planning on traveling to São Tomé and principe.


The two islands are a unique place to travel to. You will see the unique architecture, the unique rainforests, and the unique culture upon arrival. This is certainly a heaven on earth. However lacking the basic infrastructure, the peace and beauty that this country provides is incomparable. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider visiting STP.

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Who doesn’t love white sand and clear blue water on the beaches? Because the country is still not discovered by many, you will find many pristine beaches all around filled with clear water and white sands. Some of the examples are Praia Jale, Ilheu das Rolas, Praia da Piscina, and many more. The roads connecting these islands are okay but if you want some more exploring, you will need a 4x4. Hence, it is better to book a jeep.

For accommodation, you can stay in Club Santana, which has wonderful views of a private beach. This place also offers a free boat ride to IIheu Santana. It takes two hours to reach there. The Ilheu is a volcanic region but has many palm trees growing around that makes it so green and beautiful. To enjoy more, you can also snorkel in the clear crystalline water.


Throughout the country, you find only greenery. This is the main attraction behind Sao Tome and Principe tourism. The rainforests covering the islands are a paradise on earth. You can visit the Cataratas de Sao Nicolau waterfall which is one of its kinds. You can also hike around the beautiful rainforests which are easy for navigation as compared with the African counterparts. They also do not contain that many dangerous animals in them. Explore the plantations and enjoy the beaches in its most pristine state in this country.

You can also top off your experience by hiking the ILheu das Rolas where the equator just passes through. The hike is easy and will not take much of your time. Also, the view from above is breath taking that you should definitely experience.


Everything that you will try on this island is absolutely delicious. Be it the local restaurants or the top notch ones, they will not disappoint you. You can try on the wonderfully offered menus by famous cook Joao Carlos Silva at the Roca Sao Joao Dos Angolares. The world famous chef personally welcomes everyone into the restaurant and explains everyone how they curated the flavors of the dishes and their journey towards it. The five course meals only cost 15 euros per person, which is very optimal compared with the food they provide. You can also spend the night at the colonial main house.

Another great restaurant that you can try is the Casa Museu Almada Negreiro. The unique setting of the restaurant attracts the people. It is situated right in the middle of the jungle. It offers amazing food along with an amazing cultural experience. It has a museum store for the local artists. The sculptures and paintings are sold at a very affordable and reasonable price, and the view from here is awesome. This is the perfect way for visiting Sao Tome and Principe on a budget tour.


The country is extremely famous for its production of cocoa. Therefore, you can also find the world’s best chocolates here in these islands. You can visit the Corallo farm, where you can learn about the heritage of the country and how they manufacture such high grade chocolates by the owner himself. You can also take some samples along with you for tasting. You can try the caramel salted 80% cocoa. They are a little high priced but worth every penny. So, if you are a fan of chocolates, you would certainly love this tiny country.


Sao Tome and Principe people are extremely friendly and welcoming. The island lives with the mantra of living easy. You can easily interact with the locals and learn more about the country’s heritage and culture. Moreover, you can also participate in their cultural festivals and dance and sing along. However, English is not spoken in the country. são tomé and príncipe language is Portuguese, and the locals do not prefer using the English language. So you will have to carry a translator along with you.

The crime rate in the country is extremely low, and despite the poverty, the people seem extremely happy.

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The temperature and humidity both are high during these months, which make the weather warm. The temperature can range from 30.7 degree Celsius - 29.3 degree Celsius. The temperature is similar for the coming months too. This season experiences the lowest tourism; hence for getting better deals and have cheap flights to Sao Tome, this could be the time.


The middle months have very comfortable weather with high temperatures that are comfortable. These months do not see precipitation much. June to August is also known as the second busiest season for tourism. That is why accommodation might be a bit costly.


The temperature during the fall season ranges from 29.4 degree Celsius - 28.7 degree Celsius. The temperature feels nice given the wind and humidity. It does not rain during this season. Tourism is slow during this time; hence, the hotels are cheaper.


The weather during this season is the best in the country. The average temperature ranges from 30 degree Celsius - 29 degree Celsius. It does not receive much rain during this time and the country is filled with tourists.

 If you are planning on a trip with the utmost beauty and culture, then this island would be perfect for it. You can reach here by the STP airways, which is safe and operates a few times in a week. The people living in Sao Tome and Principe are the best you would ever meet. You can engage with them as much as you want and spend the best vacation with your loved ones. The reasons to visit Sao Tome and Principe does not limit within the ones provided above. There is much more hidden inside which you will get to know only when you visit this magnificent country.

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