sao tome and principe visa requirements

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Well if you have planned your trip to Sao Tome and Principe you are required to obtain a visa for visiting the island of Sao tome and Principe. But do you think that is possible without completing the documentation process? No!!!!  So for that, you should know what are the requirements to get a Sao tome and Principe visa. Now for that, you should have a look at this Sao Tome Principe Visa requirements which are explained in detail by us so be with us and have a look. But there are different requirements for different types of visa which you should be aware of when applying for a visa. 

Sao Tome and Principe tourist visa requirements. 

Passport - The most important document that is required when you apply for your visa is a passport and that's not enough it should be with the minimum Validity of 6 months because this is necessary. If you don't have a passport with the minimum validity for six months then we recommend you renew your passport and then apply for a Visa.

Passport size photograph - You are required to give the latest photograph of yours and that too with few specifications. 

  • The size of the photograph should be of 4cm*4cm.
  • The background in the photograph should be white color.
  • You should smile partially in a picture.
  • Your face should not be covered with your hair or your scarf.
  • You should look straight towards the camera and avoid any kind of posing. 

Flight Itinerary- Whenever you send an application form you are required to submit a few important documents. This is one of them. You are required to submit a copy of your flight return ticket. It is very important to submit a proof of flight ticket back to your country.

Bank statement- It is very important to submit proof of your financial stability. Because this enables the government to understand whether you can support your stay in Sao Tome and Principe or not. In case you're not able to present the proof of your financial stability then you will not be able to enter Sia Tome and Principe at any cost.

Details of your address stay in Sao Tome and Principe 

So when it comes to a stay in Sao Tome and Principe you How to submit a valid address where you are going to stay.  

Case 1-  If you have to stay with your friend or family member in Sao tome and Principe. Then you have to send the address of the place. you are also required to submit the identity proof of the person who is the owner of the place where you're living.

Case 2-  If you have plans to stay in a hotel then you should submit the address of the hotel along with your hotel bookings. Please make sure whenever you're submitting the proof of your hotel bookings it should have been signed by the owner or the manager of the hotel. This proof is only required for some safety measures that cover other parts of the policy, all the Sao Tome and Principe. 

Medical Insurance-  The term medical insurance means the insurance that is purchased to give security to an individual when it comes to its health. As many of you face one or the other issue related to your health which can be critical if you visit another nation and fall sick. 

So what do you think? How you will treat yourself in the absence of your family and friends. And you don’t have enough money for the treatment. In that case, what will you do? Now the only thing you can do is to use your medical insurance which will be helpful for you. 

Frequently asked questions

Q. What if I don't get medical insurance and fall sick in between my trip?

But don't get your medical insurance for yourself and you fall sick in between your trip the whole responsibility of your health is upon you and you have to pay for your treatment. And maybe if you don't get medical insurance you will not be allowed to Sao Tome and Principe. 

Q. Can I use my old Passport size photograph when processing for a Sao tome and Principe visa?

As per the instructions you should give your latest photograph for Sao Tome and Principe visa. This is important because with the latest photograph it is easy to recognize the identity of an individual then the old photograph. The features of an individual vary with age and time. So give your latest photograph whenever processing for your Sao Tome and Principe visa. 

Q. I have two old passports and a new one which one should I submit when applying for a Sao Tome Principe visa?

You should give the details of both the old and new passport when applying for a Sao Tome and Principe Visa. Because both the details in your old and new passport are important for issuing a visa. 


All the documents that are required for applying for a Sao Tome and Principe visa are given above with a full explanation of the document and what would be the terms and conditions for the document. You can apply for your visa without any problem because now you will be able to know the documents Before you apply and this will make you eligible to make your document ready

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