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Because of its stringent visa conditions, Saudi Arabia was formerly known as one of the toughest countries to visit. But thanks to a specialised eVisa programme, Japanese tourists can now easily visit this fascinating country.

For citizens of more than 45 countries, including Japan, the Saudi government launched electronic tourist visas in September 2019.

The nation welcomes tourists from around the world to discover its numerous historical and cultural attractions. Find out, as a Japanese citizen who is visiting the Kingdom, how you can request a Saudi Arabia visa for Japanese Nationals quickly and easily.

Saudi Arabia Visa Documents Requirements for Japanese Citizens

Before entering Saudi Arabia, you must need a visa for every Japanese resident. Various kinds of Saudi visas are required for tourism, including business visas, family visas, religious visas and a new eVisa.

The eVisa is particularly built for tourism, recreation or business purposes for Japanese travellers visiting Saudi Arabia.

You must comply with the following conditions when you apply for a Saudi Arabia eVisa when you are a Japanese citizen who travels to Saudi Arabia:

  • Keep a valid, machine-readable Japanese passport (MRP) or IC passport
  • Have two or more pages in your Japanese passport back-to-back with blank visa
  • Leave your passport at least six months from Saudi Arabia date of entry
  • Please send the authorised Saudi Arabia eVisa e-mail address and your application updates.
  • Offer information on a valid visa payment credit or debit card.

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Procedure to Apply Saudi Arabia Visa for Japanese Nationals

Japanese people would find it simple and straightforward to apply for a Saudi Arabia visa. The procedure for applying for a visa from Japan in Saudi Arabia does not take longer than 10 minutes, as long as the above conditions are in effect.

You can get your Saudi Arabia eVisa online absolutely, without waiting on the line or visiting the embassy or consulate. Travellers are asked to respond to basic questions about personal and passport, such as name, address, date of birth and a simple route (accommodations, activities, etc.).

In addition, it provides an extra profit from Saudi Arabia eVisa, which comes with compulsory medical insurance. This insurance offers coverage for Japanese visitors. At the moment eVisa is authorised, the insurance company is randomly selected by the Saudi authorities.

Candidates must provide the information and pay the visa fee using the online method. Once the eVisa has been accepted, the insurance policy will be forwarded directly to the email inbox.

Japan to Saudi Arabia Travel with an eVisa

When you arrive in Saudi Arabia, you need to have a copy of your eVisa and a passport in order to enter Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia eVisa has been valid for one year from the issue date and can be obtained from anywhere in the world from the convenience of your home or office.

The e-visa grants Japanese holders numerous entries up to 90 days in a row into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia E Visa For Japanese Details

In 2017, King Salman bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud visited Japan for discussions with Japan's Crown Prince Naruhito on cooperation between the two countries. After the beginning of eVisa, the public can easily visit the Middle East Empire.

Saudi eVisa welcomes Japanese citizens into Saudi Arabia to the city of Jeddah and to the Tsurufu district of Driya, without having to go through long bureaucratic phases, to see famous world heritage sites, such as the Al-Hijur Archeological Site.

A strong base to fly via other Middle East nations, including the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and many more is Saudi Arabia. The area provides a rare cultural and tourist attraction to be experienced elsewhere in the world.

It takes very little time to brace yourself for a trip to Saudi Arabia. Register today to have the Kingdom in all its glory for your eVisa.

Benefits of Getting Saudi Arabia Visa from Tourist Visa Online

By applying your Saudi Arabia for Japanese Passport Holders online at Tourist Visa Online, you can enjoy great benefits. Some of the benefits of applying your Saudi Arabia from Tourist Visa Online are:

  1. Fast and easy process of filling the Visa Application.
  2. 100 percent authentic.
  3. Least rate of rejection of your Visa.
  4. 24X7 support for the customer support team.
  5. Least requirement of documents for Saudi Arabia Visa.

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So now you would be clear about all the details of Saudi Arabia Visa for Japanese Nationals. So get your Visa for Saudi Arabia from Tourist Visa Online and visit this magnificent nation.

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