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The holiest and the most beloved travel destination for the majority of Muslims out there is this country housed in the Arab, filled with desert, oil resources, and various places to visit. If you are a travel freak and want to step inside this beautiful kingdom you must have asked yourself at least once “Do I need a visa to Saudi Arabia?” The stern immigration rules that the country possesses upon the visitors makes everyone ask this question. Do read this article till the end to find more about Saudi visa information in depth through Tourist Visa Online.

The country is one of the richest in the Middle East due to the abundance of oil resources. Earlier the major source of economic boom for the country was its oil resources, however, in 2016, the then king decided to open the country’s border for the tourists which would help in increasing the economy through different means. If you plan to visit this beautiful country you need to follow some rules and regulations and abide by them always, which includes dressing accordingly for the ladies and no entry for non Muslims to the holy Mecca.


Anyone who wants to visit the country needs to have a visa with them unless they belong to one of the visa exempt countries like Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain and UAE. Certain country’s citizens are eligible for visa on arrival or e visa facilities, and most of the country’s citizens, need to go through the information on visa, and if they want to travel to Saudi visa requirements should be met following the regular procedure to apply for the visa, that is, visiting the embassy and applying for it using a pen and paper.

It is advised that you do not start booking your travel itinerary until you receive your visa, because the visa takes a long time to get processed and even rejected in some cases. Or, even if you are pre-booking, you should always look for their cancellation policy beforehand, and save money.

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The country has so much to offer its tourists that you will fall short of visiting all of them during the short time that you have. Still, if you have the question on your mind as to why visit Saudi, we have compiled a list of attractive and beautiful places in the country which acts like a magnet to the visitors:

Al Wahbah Volcanic Pit

A major tourist attraction, it is a volcanic hole with also a salt field in the middle. The pit is almost 820ft deep and if you want to go down, you need to possess extreme skills. So, if you are seeking some adventure, do visit this place.

Mada’in Saleh

This is the oldest civilization of Nabateans, it is a huge burial place now with almost 130 graves. You can also view some old houses and other civilization structures by visiting this iconic place. The place is also awarded with the UNESCO world heritage site, and is a must visit. 

Gate to Mecca

This is yet another UNESCO world heritage site, and is a major attraction for the visitors. It is located in Jeddah, which was built in the seventh century as a port in the Indian Ocean, and for the Muslim visitors who travelled via the ocean to visit the holy Mecca. 

Masmak Fortress

The fortress situated in Riyadh is one of a kind and shows the history of the country. The banished imperial in 1902 vanquished the various realms of the area and joined them to form the country. 

Ruler Fahd’s Fountain

This fountain is the tallest wellspring on the planet. This was given to the city by King Fahd and hence is named after him. The fountain can shoot the salty water for up to 853 meters. The view of this fountain during evening time is fantastic and is a treat for the eyes with almost more than 500 lights lighting up the fountain. 

Umluj (Saudi Maldives)

It is situated on the country’s red sea coast, and is also regarded as the Saudi Maldives. You can figure out from the name how beautiful this place might be. While on the seashore you can view the beautiful mountains, volcanoes, and also lots and lots of mango cultivation sites. 

Neolithic crafts of Jubbah and Shuwaymis

There was once a lake at this place led close to the stones. You can find a lot of creatures here. There are fingerprints and handprints of several Neolithic people which are very important for the locals of the country. 

Royal Saudi Air Force Museum

This is one of the places in the country where the tourists are attracted the most. There are many historical things, air force an air craft’s figures kept in the museum which is the perfect place to visit for the air force freaks all around. The place also has a huge showcase of weaponry.

Dumat Al Jundal

At the province of Al Jawf lies this place which is a building that looks like a giant castle fort. This place belonged to the renowned people from the place and from there the place derives its name. The architecture of the fort is magnificent and one of the reasons why tourists visit this place to know more about the country’s history. 

Albatoul Marine

This is the heart of attraction in the country. You can entertain yourself the most from visiting this place. You can fly upon the water and enjoy other fun activities here with your family and friends.

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The Saudi visa requirements are as follows:

  •       A valid passport that should have a 6 months of validity.
  •           Two passport size photographs clicked recently.
  •         Completed visa application form.
  •         You should comply with all the rules and regulations of the government in order to enter the country.
  •         Residential permit.

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Q. What are the work visa requirements for Saudi visa?

The Saudi Arabia work visa requirements are as follows:

  •         An official letter by the person’s employer in the country.
  •         Company’s business registration
  •         Invitation letter from the company that has hired the person

Q. Which nationals are allowed to apply for an e visa?

The Saudi Arabia e visa countries list is: China (including Hong Kong), European Union countries, USA, UK, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Kazakhstan, Brunei, Ukraine, Austria, Australia, Bulgaria, Spain, Slovakia, Croatia, Estonia, Czech Republic, France, Romania, Liechtenstein, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Iceland, Finland, Malta, Greece, Netherlands, Monaco, Ireland, Norway, Italy, Portugal, San Marino, Russia, Denmark, Slovenia, Sweden, Cyprus, Belgium, Andorra, Switzerland.

Q. What is the visa fee and processing time?

The Saudi Arabia visa fee is USD50 and takes 28-30 days to get processed. 

So the next time when you ask yourself “Do I need a visa to Saudi Arabia?” you need to know that the answer is yes if you do not belong to one of the countries who enjoy the visa exemption facility. If you fall under the online visa category, fill out the Saudi visa application online and you are ready to go.

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