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The birthplace of Islam, home to the famous Mecca and Medina, Saudi Arabia is not just about desert and sand dunes. The country has much more to offer to its visitors, and if you are looking for a visa to this country, make sure to read all about Saudi Arabia visa policy and Saudi visa information from Tourist Visa Online before you step up.

From modern parks to leisure activities, to the wonderful desert oases, and wildlife sanctuaries, you can experience everything in this country. Although Saudi is known widely for the hajj that is a very important pilgrimage centre for the Muslims, the country can be visited by everyone and enjoy the plethora of beauty that it has to offer.


Almost all people from all the countries need to apply for a visa before entering this country, unless you belong to one of the visa exempt countries. Some visitors will have the ease to apply for the visa online, and others will have to visit the Saudi diplomatic missions to acquire a visa.

The nationals of the following countries are exempted from visa to the country, which means that they do not require possessing a visa before travelling to the country. They are:

  •         Kuwait
  •         Bahrain
  •         Oman
  •         United Arab Emirates

Apart from the above mentioned countries, the holders of diplomatic passports from France are also eligible for visa exemption to this country.

Also, certain countries enjoy the online visa facility, to note that Saudi Arabia is really strict about their visa policy, hence only a few countries enjoy this facility. The country launched a tourist visa facility for the fellow visitors from 2019 onwards. Look below for the Saudi Arabia e visa countries list:

All European Union countries

  New Zealand






South Korea


San Marino











Hong Kong





In 2020, it was announced by the Saudi government that the people who have once possessed the UK, US or Schengen visa are eligible for the visa on arrival facility for the country, on a condition that the visa should have been used at least once to visit the respective country. However, this is permissible through the Saudi airlines only, namely, Saudia, Flynas, Flyadeal, and Saudigulf airlines.

Citizens of all other countries need to go through the general procedure by visiting the embassy to acquire a visa beforehand.

Due to the ties of 2107, the citizens of Qatar are refused to enter the country thereafter, the people already residing in the country were given a fourteen days notice to leave the country as early as possible. As of now, citizens of Qatar are only allowed in the country for Hajj purposes. The citizens of Israel are also denied entry and transit in the country. After the e visa program introduction by the government, it said that, however, having an Israeli stamp on one's passport would not act as a hindrance to visit the country.

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The tourist visa for this country was not issued earlier, until in 2013 that the government announced the issuing of tourist visas for the people who would want to visit the country for tourism purpose. However, the limited visa program was cancelled in 2014 and shelved.

In 2014, the former crown prince reintroduced the plan to start issuing tourist visas and to boost the economy, as the country solely depends upon oil, and tourism would help in improving the country’s economy to another level. Finally, tourist visas started issuing for the country from 2107 onwards.

Certain rules and regulations were imposed that the visitors were obliged to follow. In 2018, the SIEV (Sharek International events visa) was introduced, the visa allowed the people who wanted to attend those events, and obtain a single entry 30 days visa to enter the country. In 2109 again a new type of visa was introduced where the visitors would be allowed to enter the country to attend sports meet and other sporting activities. The country also allowed e visa policy for 49 countries where they can get the visa upon arrival which is a single entry visa for a month, and up to 3 months stay for the multiple entry visas.

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  •         You need to provide a residence either in the form of a utility bill or bank statement that should not be more than 3 months old.
  •         You should have medical insurance. This is something important that you need to do before applying for a visa especially when you are visiting a country where medical bills soar up the sky.
  •         Please note that if your passport contains an Israeli stamp on it, then you will not be allowed to enter the country. Hence, make sure to apply on a second passport.
  •         It is advised to make travel plans only after receiving your visa because the Saudi visa process takes time and sometimes rejections too. This includes, hotel bookings, travel itinerary and flight bookings too. Or even if you make early bookings make sure that they have cancellation policy so that you will not have to lose those extra bucks.
  •         Earlier, it was mandatory to reach directly to Saudi, which is now not necessary. You can reach Bahrain and then head to Daman and then the country.
  •         Make sure that you are applying for the right kind of visa before flying. The government issues various types of visas for pilgrimage, tourist, or event purposes. You should always do a little research about the different types of visas available and apply accordingly so as to save yourself from last minute harassments.
  •         Please note that if you are coming to the country for business purposes upon  a business visa, your visa will still say that you are not permitted to work. You should not get confused or panicked while reading that because it simply means that you will not be allowed to undertake certain activities like construction, manufacturing, ect.

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Q. Do I need to provide a health declaration form upon arrival?

Yes, you need to possess the health form with yourself when you arrive in the country so as to get a clear knowledge that you are fit and won’t be facing any health issues while in the country.

Q. What are the travel to Saudi Arabia requirements?

There are certain requirements that needs to be fulfilled when you apply for saudi arabia tourist visa application form, they are:

  •         Valid passport that should be valid for 6 months.
  •         Completed visa application form
  •         Two passport size photographs which should be recently clicked.
  •         Residential proof documents.
  •         Health declaration form.

Q. What are the Saudi work visa requirements?

If you want to visit the country for work purpose, you need to possess the following documents:

  •         Original passport
  •         Letter from the company that is sponsoring the person.
  •         Employment contract letter
  •         Completely filled out application form with all the correct details
  •         A clear medical report
  •         Police records to clear the criminal background.

Q. What is the Saudi e visa fee and processing time?

To get a visa to the country you need to spend USD50 for a 10 days tourist visa, which has a visa validity of 180 days and stay validity of 60 days. The visa processing time is generally 28-30 days. 

Hence, getting a visa to this beautiful and stunning country is tough for the citizens of some nations, but not impossible. To get a Saudi visa check every possible information that you can get and go through the Saudi Arabia visa policy and then apply accordingly.

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