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Do you want to visit Singapore and know nothing about the SG arrival card?  You do not need to worry, we have the complete information about the SG arrival card in Singapore. Everyone who is planning a trip to Singapore and seeing the list of required documents, must be wondering what an SG arrival card to Singapore is? So, you may read this article to get knowledge about an SG arrival card, and for what it is required. Singapore is a beautiful sovereign country in Asia. From nightlife to beaches, from amazing wildlife safari to tall and modern skyscrapers. This country surprises you with a new element when you feel you have discovered enough. But there is never enough in Singapore. From sightseeing to a sunny day at the beach, Singapore will also keep your food cravings satisfied with its amazingly delicious street food. 



What is an SG arrival card?  

  • It is an e-service card issued by the ICA which is meant for the electronic submissions of trip details, personal information, and also health declaration of an individual. 
  • Also, the visitors who are included in the Frequent Traveller Programme. 
  • This is an online service through which the visitors can submit their electronic arrival card. 
  • They can submit it through a mobile application that can be downloaded via Google Play in android phones or App Store in iOS. 
  • Through this electronic arrival card, you can submit all your details via the app prior to your trip. 

Steps to fill the SG arrival card - 

If you are planning a vacation in Singapore, then you must know about the process of the SG arrival card. 

You need to follow these steps - 

  • Download the mobile application for the SG arrival card on your phone through Google Play or App Store.
  • Fill in the correct details about you and your trip. 
  • You just need to verify the details before you submit them. 
  • Then you will receive an electronic arrival card on your phone in the form of a PDF file. 


FAQs - 


1. When should you submit details through the SG arrival card?  

A. You should submit the details through the SG arrival card at least three days prior to your trip. You must plan your trip well and collect all the necessary documents prior to your trip so that you can upload the details easily online. 

2. Is the SG arrival card a visa to Singapore?  

A. No, this is a very common confusion among the tourists. But the SG arrival card is just an online medium to submit your details about the traveling and personal self prior to your trip. However, this card is not a replacement for a visa. 

3. Do we have to pay fees for the SG arrival card?  

A. No, the SG arrival card e-services are free. You can access the application on your phone for free. You do not have to pay any fee for using the application online. 

4. What does an electronic arrival card look like?  

A. Here is a specimen of an electronic arrival card - 



5. How to fill the SG arrival card details?  

A. There are some things to nit while you fill the SG arrival card details - 

  • You must submit the SG arrival card at least three days prior to your visit to Singapore. 
  • You must fill every detail required in the health card.
  • Under Section 15, you may be quarantined in case of being suspected of having any infections.

6. What is a DE number?  

A. After you have submitted your electronic arrival card details online, you will receive a PDF document of your electronic arrival card. This card comes with a DE number which is unique and it also accompanies your passport number. 

7. What is the penalty for not completing the SG arrival card details?  

A. In case of incorrect details or not filling the details completely, you may have to pay a fine of $10,000 and also imprisonment for six months in Singapore for the minimum. 

8. What does an SG arrival card mobile application look like?  

A. For recognizing the application online, you must take a look at its image. 



So, here was the complete information about the SG arrival card for Singapore and how to fill in the details. If you plan to visit Singapore, you must complete the electronic arrival card details through the mobile application online. 

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