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Are you interested to discover the business opportunities in Singapore and apply for a business visa to Singapore? Singapore is a beautiful country, it is famous for not only tourism but also has great business opportunities for people who want to explore more. 



Why start a business in Singapore?  

  • Singapore is a safe option for people who want to start a business and invest in new business. 
  • Singapore is a country full of colors of history and heritage with people from around the globe which makes the business more global.
  • This sovereign country has all the latest technology and modern infrastructure to support new business ventures. 
  • The taxation system is also not a problem in Singapore as all the taxation is at a rate of 17%. 
  • The government of Singapore also promotes the growth of new industries in Singapore, which makes it an ideal place for people worldwide to invest in Singapore. 

Who needs a business visa for Singapore? 

  • If you are planning to start a business in Singapore, the first thing that you need to see is that if you need a visa to Singapore or not. 
  • There is a list of countries whose citizens will need a visa to visit Singapore.
  • These countries include all the countries listed in the Assessment level 1 and the Assessment level 2 for Singapore. 
  • All the citizens belonging to these countries cannot enter Singapore without a visa and will have to apply for a visa online in case you wish to come to Singapore for business opportunities. 





Requirements for applying a business visa to Singapore - 

There are some documents which you must have in advance if you are planning for a Singapore Business Visa online application - 

  • You should fill the form 14A completely with all the correct details and sign it. 
  •  You should have an original passport issued by the government of Singapore, valid for six months or more. 
  • You should have two photographs of passport size, following the special photograph guidelines. 
  • The photograph should be taken less than three months ago. 
  • You should also have the additional documents that might be required like the form V39 A.


Singapore Employment Pass - 

The primary work visa which is issued by the government of Singapore is known as Singapore Employment Pass. This employment pass is required for the employees from around the world, managers and the directors of the Singapore based companies. 

The validity of Singapore Employment Pass - 

  • The employment pass of Singapore is valid for one or two years only. 
  • After the employment pass gets expired, you will need to renew it again. 

Perks of Singapore Employment Pass - 

  • If you have a Singapore Employment Pass you can live and work in Singapore.
  • You can freely travel in the country. 
  • You can move in and out of the country without applying for a visa. 
  • If you have a Singapore Employment Pass you can also apply for a resident visa in Singapore later. 

What is a Personalised Employment Pass? 

  • A Personalized Employment Pass is for the people who already own an Employment Pass and also for the people who are foreign professionals. 
  • The validity of an employment pass is based on the period of a job with the employer registered but in case of a Personalised Employment Pass, the validity is not based on the employer, but on the applicant's merit. 
  • If you have a personalized employment pass, you have an opportunity to search for job opportunities in Singapore even after finishing the existing job. 


FAQs - 

Q. What is an entrepreneur's pass?  

A. An entrepreneur pass is for the people who wish to explore business opportunities in Singapore and have an innovative mind for any business idea. You do not have to be educationally superior for getting an entrepreneur pass, as the government of Singapore believes that the people from around the world will contribute to growing Singapore.

Q. Are there any special document requirements for Indians for applying for a business visa to Singapore?  

A. Yes, for any documents that might be in the Hindi language, you will have to get a translated document in the English language along with the original document. 


This is required if you want to apply for a business visa to Singapore. So, if you want to search for business opportunities in Singapore, you can apply for a business visa to Singapore. 

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