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Here is a complete guide for you all to know about the visa-free transit facility in Singapore. If you will be transiting from Singapore and you are wondering whether you will have to apply for a transit visa to Singapore or not. We are here to help you find an answer to this question. If you are a citizen of any of the countries belonging to the list of Assessment level 1 and the Assessment level 2 countries. Then you will not be required to apply for a transit visa to Singapore. 

But for a visa-free transit in Singapore you will have to meet these necessary requirements -

  • You should have a valid passport eligible for at least six months or more. 
  • You should have a return ticket from Singapore. 
  • You can only stay in the transit area at the airport for the visa-free transit. 
  • You should have your luggage checked in for the place you want to reach. 

Visa-Free Transit Facility for citizens of India and China - 

If you belong to India or China and also have a passport issued by the government of India or China, then you can easily transit from Singapore without having a need to apply for a transit visa. The validity of their stay is for a maximum duration of 96 hours. However, they can stay in the transit area of the airport only.

They also have to fulfill some requirements for a visa-free transit - 

  • They can only travel to the third country by air. 
  • The passengers can only get a visa-free transit if they are traveling to or from any of the mentioned countries - 
Australia Canada Germany Japan New Zealand Switzerland
United Kingdom The United States        


  • The passengers should also have at least one month if visa issued by this third country at their time of transit from Singapore. 
  • The mode of arrival in Singapore does not matter in this case, but the mode of departure from Singapore must be through the air. 

Special visa-free transit for some countries - 

  • There are citizens of some countries who can come to Singapore without a visa and can stay for up to 96 hours in Singapore. 

  • The citizens of these countries may transit to or from any country. There is no such specification.

  • The citizens of these countries may use the facility of visa-free transit from Singapore while both sides of their travel. 

  • But they must depart from Singapore through the air but the entry has no specifications. 

These countries include - 

Armenia Azerbaijan Belarus Georgia Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan
Moldova Russia Tajikistan Turkmenistan Ukraine Uzbekistan

FAQs - 

1. Can I extend my stay during transit In Singapore?  

A. No, extending your stay while transiting and using the visa-free transit facility is not allowed. You cannot stay in Singapore for more than 96 hours while you transit from here. 

2. Am I allowed to explore Singapore airport during my transit?  

A. During transiting from Singapore and using the visa-free transit facility, you cannot go to the immigration area in the Changi Airport. However, you can stay in the transit area.

3. Can I sleep and relax at Changi Airport during transiting from Singapore? 

A. If you are planning to transit from Changi Airport and wondering whether you would be able to relax and sleep there during your transit or not. Let us tell you that the transit area of Changi Airport is quite comfortable for all the people who are transiting. You can easily find a comfortable place to relax at the airport and get some sleep during your transit. 

4. Can I move out of Changi Airport during my transit?  

A. No, you cannot explore Singapore while you are transiting. You can only stay in the transit area of Changi Airport and cannot even go to the immigration office at the airport. However, if you wish to explore this beautiful country, you can apply for a visa to Singapore in advance online. 

5. What documents should I have for a Visa-free transit facility in Singapore?  

A. If you are planning a trip and would be transiting from Singapore, you can use the visa-free transit facility in Singapore if you fulfill the above-mentioned criteria. 

But you should also have these documents with you - 

  • A valid passport issued by the government of the country you belong to. 
  • Your original passport should also be valid for at least six months or more. 
  • You should have a return ticket to the third country with you. 
  • Visa to the third country for at least one month should be available with you at the time of transit in Singapore. 

Here was detailed information for everyone who will have to transit from Singapore. This guide will help you to plan the Singapore visa-free transit facility. 

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