singapore visa policy a complete guide of visa

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  • If Singapore amazes you and you want to visit Singapore, then we have a complete guide to let you know about how to get a Singapore visa.
  • Singapore is a beautiful, tropical Island country. It is located in the south-east Asia.
  • From friendly natives to the best infrastructure Singapore has everyone's heart.
  • It is a small yet amazing country with more amazingly tall buildings and one of the best street foods around the world.

So, if you wish to visit Singapore it is an easy process to apply for a visa to Singapore. According to the visa policy of Singapore, the countries are divided into two groups named Assessment level 1 and Assessment level 2.

Countries group according to assessment

Assessment level 1

If you belong to the countries of assessment level 1, then you can easily apply a visa to Singapore online.

These countries include -

Armenia Azerbaijan Belarus China Georgia India
Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Moldova North Korea Russia Tajikistan
Ukraine Turkmenistan Uzbekistan ? ? ?

Assessment level 2

Citizens belonging to these countries have to apply for a visa to visit Singapore before they arrive.

These countries include -

Afghanistan Algeria Bangladesh Egypt Iran Iraq
Jordan Kosovo Lebanon Libya Mali Morocco
Nigeria Pakistan Palestine Saudi Arabia Somalia Sudan
Syria Tunisia Yemen ? ? ?

Requirements of Singapore visa

Here are the requirements for Singapore visa that you must have with you ready before you apply for a visa to Singapore -

  • You must have an authentic passport valid for at least six months or more.
  • You should have a return ticket from Singapore to prove your exit date from the country.
  • You should have enough funds to stay in Singapore.
  • You should have a yellow fever vaccination certificate if required for your country.
  • You must submit the SG arrival card before arriving in Singapore.

Apart from these requirements, there are also some photo requirements you must follow while applying for a visa to Singapore -

  • You should have taken the photograph within the last three months of the visa application.
  • The photograph should be clear and should be in focus with a specification of 35mm wide and 44mm height and should not have any borders.
  • The background in the photograph should be specifically white and without any shadows.
  • Any kind of headgear should not hide the face.
  • Your full face and shoulders should be visible. Your eyes must not be closed in the photograph.
  • You must take care that your hair should not cover a part of your eyebrows or eyes. Eyes should be clearly visible.
  • The photograph should not be taken under direct light and should have even exposure.
  • Any spectacle frame should not cover eyes directly. Eyes should be visible.
  • You should not wear a spectacle that reflects or glares. The photograph should be clear and eyes should be well visible.

Visa-free stay in Singapore

  • Apart from the countries listed in the assessment 1 and the assessment 2, all the other countries can stay in Singapore without a visa.
  • The maximum duration of stay allowed for these countries is 30 days.
  • There are also some exceptions to these countries.

There are some countries out of these selected countries that can stay in Singapore for a maximum duration of 90 days without visa.

These countries include??

Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic
Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece
Hungary Italy Ireland Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg
Malta Netherlands Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia
Slovenia Spain Sweden United States Switzerland United Kingdom
Australia New Zealand Norway South Korea ? ?

Yellow fever vaccination certificate

  • This is a great necessity in Singapore. Not just for tourists but for all the citizens of Singapore who have traveled to Singapore from a country having a risk of yellow fever.
  • You should have it before you apply for a visa to Singapore.

If the tourist from any of the country having yellow fever risk or the citizen of Singapore having a travel history of any of the country having a risk of yellow fever is unable to show the yellow fever vaccination certificate, in that case, the person would be quarantined for a maximum duration of six days.

This step is taken under section 31 in Singapore to prevent the transmission of yellow fever.

These countries include

Angola Argentina Barbados Benin Bolivia Brazil
Burkina Faso Burundi Cameroon Central African Republic Chad Colombia
Congo Cote d'Ivoire D R Congo Ecuador Equatorial Guinea Ethiopia
France Gabon Gambia Ghana Guinea Guinea-Bissau
Guyana Haiti Kenya Liberia Mali Mauritania
Niger Nigeria Panama Paraguay Peru Rwanda
Senegal Sierra Leone Sudan Suriname Togo Trinidad
Uganda Venezuela ? ? ? ?


Q. Do I need a visa to visit Singapore if I am from India?

A. Yes, according to the visa policy of Singapore if you are from India then you need to apply for a Singapore visa for India before you visit Singapore. However, this is not a tiring task as it was. Now you do not have to step out of your house to apply for a visa, as you can easily apply it online.

Q. How can I apply for an e-visa to Singapore?

A. Applying for an e-visa to Singapore is the easiest thing you would do in the whole process of planning the trip.

These are some easy steps that you have to follow -

  1. Decide the suitable visa option for Singapore for you according to your visit.

  2. We have a description of different visas you can choose from there.

  3. Collect all the relevant documents.

  4. Fill in the details required in the online form.

  5. Upload your photograph as per the guidelines.

  6. Submit the visa application fees online through any of the suitable modes.

  7. You are good to go!

So, this was a brief about the visa policy of Singapore and what are the basic documentation you need to have with you before you apply for a visa to Singapore online, which is the easiest process. You can just sit at your home and apply for a visa online while you do not have to take out time from your packing and planning the itinerary for Singapore.

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