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If you are in Singapore for tourism or any medical reasons and wish to extend your stay in Singapore, here is the information about the Singapore Visa Renewal Process. It may happen that you are on a visit to Singapore for some reason and you wish to extend your stay, so let us tell you that you can extend your visa in Singapore, but for not more than 89 days. 


Important points to note for visa extension - 

  • You can only extend your stay in Singapore for a maximum duration of 89 days from the date of entry in Singapore. 
  • You must check that on the day you apply for the visa extension in Singapore, you must have at least one day of visa valid in Singapore. 
  • You should note that within five days from the departure date of the trip you are currently a part of, you cannot return to Singapore.

You will also need to mention a sponsor who lives in Singapore, in order to extend your trip to 89 days or more if you belong to any of these countries mentioned below - 

Afghanistan Algeria Bangladesh Egypt Iran Iraq
Jordan Kosovo Lebanon Libya Mali Morocco
Nigeria Pakistan Saudi Arabia Somalia Sudan Syria
Tunisia Yemen        

Requirements for the local sponsor for visa extension - 

  • The local sponsor should be a citizen of Singapore. 
  • If not a Singapore citizen, then must be a Permanent Resident of Singapore of at least 21 years of age. 
  • The Permanent Resident of Singapore should also have a SingPass account. 

Documents required for visa extension in Singapore - 

  • You should have an original passport issued by the government of the country you belong to. 
  • The passport should also be valid for at least six months or more.
  • You should also have a photocopy of the page in the passport containing personal information. 
  • You should have a valid visit pass on the Disembarkation / Embarkation which is granted at the time of entry in Singapore. 
  • You will also have to provide a document for giving proof of relations with the citizens of Singapore, in case you have mentioned about it for the sponsors for Singapore citizens or Permanent Residents
  • You should have a valid internet banking facility with you in Singapore to submit the visa extension application fees online. 
  • You should have the form V75 completely filled and endorsed by a doctor in Singapore. The condition of your health and illness should also be mentioned in your form, in case you are extending your stay in Singapore for any treatment purposes.

How to apply for visa extension in Singapore - 

If you wish to extend your visa in Singapore, you must note these steps - 

  • Fill in the online form available for a visa extension. 
  • Collect all the necessary documents, including the necessary documentation to prove your relations with the citizen or permanent resident of Singapore in such a case. 
  • In some cases, your local sponsor of Singapore might be said to do the necessary security deposit. In such cases, you will be told about the same. 

FAQs - 

Q. What does a form  V75 look like?  

A, A form V75 is meant for the purpose of visa extension, if the reason for your visa extension in Singapore is on any medical grounds. You will only need to fill this form if you want some medical aid from Singapore during the extended period of your stay that you have requested for. 


Q. What is the validity of a visa to Singapore?  

A. There is no fixed validity period for a Singapore visa. It depends on each application form and its merits and demerits. But, it is advised to all the visitors to Singapore to apply for an online visa to Singapore at least 30 days before the arrival date planned in Singapore to ensure enough days to stay in Singapore according to the visa validity. 

Q. How can I extend my visa validity in Singapore?  

A. You cannot extend your visa in Singapore. However, you can apply for a new visa if you wish to stay for a longer period of time in Singapore if your current visa is reaching the expiry date. 

Q. Can I renew my visa to Singapore online? 

Yes, while you are in Singapore and feel that you would be needed to stay for a longer time than decided then you can renew your current visa to Singapore online. You can apply for the visa renewal process online provided you have genuine reasons for the same. 

Q. What is the maximum duration of stay allowed for a visitor in Singapore?

You can stay for a maximum duration of 90 days in Singapore. After you renew your visa also you can only stay for a maximum time period of 90 days in total. You must check the duration of your stay while planning your trip to Singapore. 


So, if you want to extend your visa during your trip to Singapore you need not to worry. You can easily complete your visa extension procedure online for Singapore.

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