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Note that you actually need a Sri Lanka Visa or not. As Sri Lanka Government allows citizens of some countries to visit Srilanka without a visa or some countries can get a visa on arrival. Do you also have questions in your mind related to visas for Sri Lanka? If you have confusion, do I need a visa for Sri Lanka? Then you should definitely with this article carefully. When you are planning to travel to Sri Lanka you would require a visa for traveling. As per the visa policy of Sri Lanka, every foreign citizen requires a visa for Sri Lanka to except the citizen of the visa exempt countries. 

  • The citizens of visa-exempt countries can enter Sri Lanka without a visa from any of the ports but the foreign nationals who fall in the list of Visa-free countries or Visa on arrival require an ETA (Electronic travel authorization) to Travel the country. 
  • If you want to know which visa is required for you to enter Sri Lanka you can definitely read Sri Lanka visa policy in which you will find detailed information regarding the different types of visa and the countries which can apply for those visas. 
  • But to simplify your work we have given a list of the countries which are eligible to apply for a Sri Lanka visa. So have a look at the list of the countries given below to check your eligibility criteria. 

Citizens of the following countries require a visa to Sri Lanka 

All European citizens Australia South Korea Canada Cambodia China
India Indonesia Israel Iceland Japan Malaysia
New Zealand  Norway Philippines Russia South Korea Switzerland
Thailand Ukraine United kingdom United States    

Why is Visa required?

Most of the countries in the world require foreign citizens to obtain a visa before they come to visit or enter the country. We can also say that visas are like licenses. For example, for driving, you need a driving license in a similar way to visiting. You need a tourist visa. You need to have a visa if you are planning to visit a country. If you try to enter a country without Visa it is considered illegal and you may have to pay a fine or you can be in prison.

Frequently asked questions 

Q. What is the cost of a Sri Lanka ETA visa?

A. When you are applying for a Sri Lanka ETA visa you have to pay a kind of fee. The first one is government fees and the second one is the service fees. The government fee is fixed and cannot be changed but the service fees vary from one website to another. But we are sure you that a tourist visa online provides the lowest and most reasonable service fees for you.

There are different fees for different kinds of visas. We have given below the list of the Sri Lanka visa cost

Types of visa Government fee Service fee Total fee
Tourist  Visa 88 USD 26 USD 114 USD
Business visa 93 USD 26 USD 119 USD
Transit Visa 32 USD 26 USD 58  USD

Q. Is Visa compulsory to enter Sri Lanka?

A. Yes, the visa is compulsory to enter Sri Lanka. You cannot enter Sri Lanka without Visa so make sure whenever you are traveling to Sri Lanka to get your visa in advance or get a Lanka ETA Visa.

Q. Is it true that a Sri Lanka Visa is free for UK citizens?

A. Yes, Sri Lanka Visa is indeed free for UK citizens from 1st May 2019. This policy was designed to increase tourism in Sri Lanka and there are chances that this policy can continue if there is an increase in tourism. Earlier this policy was designed for six months 

Q. Are malaria tablets required before entering Sri Lanka?

A. Sri Lanka is a country where the risk of malaria is very low. So we would not recommend you carry malaria tablets with you but if she wants to carry them along with go-ahead for your satisfaction.

Q. Is it possible to get a visa on arrival for Sri Lanka?

A. Yes, it is possible to get a visa on arrival in Sri Lanka if you have a valid ETA. You can easily get your visa on arrival in Sri Lanka after presenting your ETA to the immigration officers of Sri Lanka. The visa for arrival has a validity of 30 days and if you desire to stay for a longer time in Sri Lanka you can extend the validity of your visa on arrival up to 180 days.



If you thoroughly read Sri Lanka Visa policy you will come to know about the different visas and the countries which are eligible to apply for those visas. Some countries specifically require a visa to enter Sri Lanka and few can enter without a Visa. Officers or the higher authorities of the countries can enter Sri Lanka without the visa because they fall into the category of non-ordinary Visa holders. But if you still have a question in your mind like do I need a visa for Sri Lanka? Then don't hesitate to contact us to solve your query

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