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Citizens of Thailand are also eligible to get a visa for Sri Lanka like many other countries. If you also want to make some amazing memories in Sri Lanka you can apply for a Sri Lanka visa for citizens of Thailand now. Thailand's passport is ranked in the 67th position in the world's most powerful passports when it comes to tourism or visiting foreign Nations. Citizens of Thailand holding Thailand passports can travel across 71 countries and territories globally.




A few searches have found that the citizens of Thailand are very passionate about traveling and exploring the world. Sri Lanka is one of the beautiful places in the world with a cheerful and romantic environment. The country is booming with amazing mountains, Greenland, the best tea garden, and beautiful landscapes. The best thing is that most of the visiting places are located in the heart of the city.

Essentials to get the Sri Lanka visa for Thai citizens

To get the Sri Lanka visa for the Thai citizens you have to accomplish the few requirements. To know about the requirements of the Sri Lanka visa for Thailand nationals click here. 

Apply for Sri Lanka tourist visa 

Are you looking for a way to apply for a Sri Lanka tourist visa then most probably you are in the right place here we can guide you for the best and the easiest way to apply for a Sri Lanka tourist visa online. There are hardly any steps to apply for a Sri Lanka visa if you follow our guidelines. So are usually to know a few simple steps to apply for a Sri Lanka ETA Visa.

Step 1- Visit on our website 

Step 2- On the homepage fill the three things

  • Name of the country you are living in.
  • The country you want to visit.
  • Name of the country for which you have citizenship.

Step 3- Now apply for your e visa by just a simple click 

Eligibility criteria to apply for Sri Lanka visa for Thai citizens

  • You must have a passport from Thailand that is valid for a minimum duration of 6 months from the day you have decided to arrive.
  • You must be financially sound to support your visit to Sri Lanka with the minimum balance of 200000 lakh in your bank account.
  • If you apply for a tourist visa then you should have good health. 

Different types of Sri Lanka visa for Thai citizens 

There are different types of entry visas of Sri Lanka for Thai citizens to know which fits your best. 

Frequently Asked questions

Q. Is it important to get a Sri Lanka ETA Visa print before you arrive in Sri Lanka? 

A. Well in today's world where technology has reached its height there is no requirement to get your visa printed but in the case to have peace of mind you can get your visa printed. If you lose your emails but still there is no need to worry as Your ETA visa number is linked with your passport.  

Q. What do you mean by Sri Lanka Visa on arrival?

A. Sri Lanka Visa on arrival means when a citizen of a foreign Nation enters Sri Lanka with his ETA visa he gets a visa name as Sri Lanka Visa on arrival at the port from the immigration officers. Sri Lanka Visa on arrival is valid for up to 30 days. but if you desire to decide in Sri Lanka for a longer period you can extend your visa up to 180 days.

Q. What is the amount of fees for a Sri Lanka tourist visa for Thailand citizens?

A. You have to pay two types of fees for Sri Lanka tourist visa

  • Government fees: 88 USD
  • Service fees: 26 USD

Q. If I have to visit Sri Lanka urgently which visa should be applied?

A. If you have to visit Sri Lanka urgently for some important work you can apply for a Sri Lanka super Rush processing tourist visa. It will cost you more than a normal tourist visa but this is the fastest visa process.



  • Traveling to Sri Lanka is not any more difficult now. Sri Lanka provides an ETA visa for tourism business and transit flights which you can visit to travel Sri Lanka in the easiest possible way. 
  • Now forget those old school ways of going to the Embassy for applying for a new Visa and switch yourself to the latest technology of e-visa. Don't be worried if you are applying for Sri Lanka e-visa for the first time because we keep your information safe. 
  • Then don't wait and think if you are passionate to travel Sri Lanka applies now for a Sri Lanka visa for citizens of Thailand. 
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