Do South Africans need a Visa for Suriname

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Suriname is a country in South America, it has a dense forest. Therefore, there is a lot of wildlife in that area. That attracts the tourist from around the world, Suriname has a major contribution from it tourist sector to its GDP.  With a strong culture, great tourist spots, active nightlife, and an experience worth exploring the heritage, Suriname attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world. The language spoken in Suriname is Dutch and the currency used is the Surinamese dollar. Tourists traveling to Suriname must carry various documents that will help them get the visa(depending on the country they are traveling to). 

Traveling to Suriname, you need authorization from the ministry of foreign affairs or international business and international cooperation. To get the authorization you need to send a request to you should send this request minimum of 5 days before travel.  A traveler traveling to Suriname should be carrying a negative report of COVID or the PCR report 72 hours before the travel. There is a 7-day quarantine on the arrival, it is arranged by the government(it is done at a government-approved hotel). 

Tourists traveling to Suriname should be carrying proof of accommodation booking in which they are staying. Tourist who are non-residents of Suriname, they are required to submit the proof of the health insurance(that covers COVID-19 ). The currency for Suriname is “Suriname Dollars”, which is equal to 1 Suriname dollar is equal to 0.047 USD. 

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Visa policy of Suriname

few countries are exempted by the government of Suriname, to get the visa. Few countries are allowed by the government of Suriname to get tourist cards instead of E-visa. The cost of the visa is $54 for 90 days. There was a policy of tourist cards which a person can get if they are from the countries that are eligible for the tourist visa. But the government of Suriname has discontinued the tourist card on arrival on 15th October 2019. 

Tourist traveling to Suriname, they must have a passport which has a validity of 6 months from the entry in Suriname. Tourists traveling to Suriname, if they are from a visa-exempted country then they don’t require a visa. Otherwise, they can apply for E-visa.

The tourist card has a validity of 90 days, from the starting date of entry in the country. Tourist card they may get this only for business purposes and not for tourism. Tourists traveling to Suriname must have a valid United States passport. The person traveling must obtain a Visa before they come to Suriname. 

Maximum number of days a person can stay is 90 days and the visa can be expire in 3 years. 

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Documents required for South African Citizens to get visas of Suriname

Several documents are required for South African citizens:-

  • The visa application form that needs to be completed online
  • The tourist need to carry a passport size photograph. 
  • The tourist traveling to Suriname must be carrying a passport, which should not be older than 6 months from the date of entry in the country 
  • A passport size photograph(that should be clear)
  • Travel Itinerary(the booking should be in the name of the person traveling other than the ticket)
  • Accommodation details (where the person is staying in the country )
  • Invitation letter(this letter should be from the guarantor, which is staying in the country )
  • Purpose of your visit (this document should clearly state the purpose of your visit)
  • Tourists need to pay fees for E-visa. 

the embassy clearly states that you should book tickets after you get the visa of the country

Being a South African citizen, there is a mandatory quarantine period  of 14 days

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To obtain a business visa of Suriname 

To obtain a business visa of Suriname there are several documents needed:-

  • Being a business owner, you need an invitation letter from the business party/ partner, who lives in Suriname
  • Round ticket(that proves that you will leave the country)
  • Chamber of commerce, letter that proves that you are doing business there. 

Apply Suriname Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Tourist traveling from South Africa, they require a visa on arrival. 

The Validity of the visa is for 3 years

You can stay for 90 days on the visa. 

Yes! The fees can be refunded according to our refund policy.

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