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If you are someone who is a resident of Netherland and want to travel to Suriname, this article will give you a clear insight and details about everything on Suriname visa for Netherland passport holders through Tourist Visa Online.

Suriname gained independence from the colony of Netherland in 1975. It is a country located in South America and is one of the smallest, with the most ethnically diverse population in the whole continent. Suriname is known popularly for its production of natural resources, like bauxite.

Suriname is visited by the tourists mostly because of the country’s widespread flora and fauna which is soothing for the eyes and acts as a mood lifter.


All tourists who intend to visit the country need to possess a valid visa either issued from the embassy or online. As a citizen of Netherland, you are not entitled to a suriname visa on arrival to Suriname nor do you belong to visa-exempt countries like Brazil, Jamaica, Bahamas, Israel, etc.

Hence, you will have to issue a visa beforehand, following all the formal procedures. Netherland passport holders are eligible to apply for e visa online, which is a very simple, secure and fast process. The different types of visa that you can apply for Suriname are:

  •         60 Days single entry visa with a visa validity of 60 days and stay validity of 60 days. This visa will cost you 70USD.
  •         60 Days multiple entry visa with a visa validity of 60 days and stay validity of 60 days. This visa will cost you 170USD.
  •         90 Days multiple entry visa with a visa validity of 1 year and stay validity of 90 days. This visa will cost you 235USD.
  •         90 Days e-tourist card single entry with a visa validity of 90 days and stay validity of 90 days. This visa will cost you 65USD.
  •         90 Days multiple visa multiple entry with a visa validity of 3 years and stay validity of 90 days. This visa will cost you 540USD.
  •         90 Days multiple entry visa with a visa validity of 2 years and stay validity of 90 days. This visa will cost you 385USD.

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If you are someone who enjoys wildlife and greenery, Suriname is the place. The country is not known to many but the view that it offers is breathtaking and a must visit for everyone. If you are thinking as to why visit Suriname, read the list of reasons below:


Located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, Coronie is a cute harbor town which lies on the north of the country. The rice field’s view through this place is marvelous and eye catching. Click some amazing pictures here and taste wonderful coconuts. 


Paramaribo is the largest city in the country, and also the capital. It is located 15 kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean and lies on the banks of Suriname River.

This is a UNESCO world heritage site; it represents the American Wild West.

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It is the largest Hindu temple in the country that opened in 2001. The temple is marvelous and the view of the site is immensely beautiful. This temple is extremely important for the devotees and thousands of tourists prefer visiting there. Visit this temple surely if you are there in the country.


It is located on the Suriname River, 50 kilometers south of the capital city Paramaribo. This region has the most Jewish population in the country. Visit JodenSavanne to know more about the history of this place and enjoy the serenity.

Also visit the old graves in the area and the first synagogue. 


Banana and rice fields welcome you with open heart when you visit this place on the north western border of Guyana. It is a harbor town with national parks around the area. You can go bird watching and spot several local animals here.

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The banks of this river are decorated with old plantation properties and canals with remains of coffee, sugar cane, and cacao.  You can do a full day bike service and roam around the plantations to enjoy the nature and sit by the river. 


It is called the independence square and is situated in Paramaribo. This is a very important place for the country and the heart of the country resides here. There are several historical buildings among this square. Many restaurants, hotels, night clubs are also present near this area. 


This natural park is located 128 kilometers from the capital city and is at an altitude of about 500 meters. There are numerous flora and faunas present here for you to experience.

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To get to Suriname from the Netherlands, you can fly from Schiphol, Amsterdam. Alternatively, you can take a train to Brussels, Dusseldorf, Bremen and then take a flight to reach the country.

The distance between the two countries is 7770 kilometers and the cheapest way to travel is through flight which costs around 300USD-900USD, and takes around 12 hours to reach.

The airlines operating between the two countries are KLM, Surinam airways, TUI airlines Netherlands. You can book a flight with any one of them and reach easily. 


Q. Can I work in Suriname with a tourist visa?

No, you cannot. The tourist visa is solely for tourism purpose and you cannot work there with that. If you try to find employment, you may face with severe consequences.

Q. What are the documents required for Netherland passport holders to apply for a Suriname visa?

The documents that you will be required to provide are:

  •         A valid passport with at least 6 months validity.
  •         Your passport bio page.
  •         Your travel itinerary.
  •         Hotel/accommodation proof.
  •         Passport size photograph.
  •         ID card copy of the guarantor.
  •         Invitation letter from the guarantor, which is not required for Suriname transit visa.
  •         Valid payment method to pay for the visa.

For business visa, you will require:

  •         Letter from the inviting company Chamber of Commerce in Suriname.
  •         Return ticket copy.

Q. How long does it take for the e visa to get processed?

It takes approximately 6-8 days to get your visa. You can also go for express visa service which takes just 48 hours to process the visa.

Hence, applying online for a Suriname visa for Netherland passport holders is an easy and hassle free task. What are you waiting for? Go and fill out the Suriname visa application form now. 

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