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Suriname is a small country on the north-eastern coast of South America. This country has vast tropical rainforests all over the country, this country has Dutch Architecture. The capital of the country is “Paramaribo” there are palm gardens, it is a 17th-century trading post. There are saint peter and paul Basilica in the capital of the country, they provide a home to them. There was a towering wood which was known as Cathedral Consecrated in 1885. 

Suriname is a country with a dense forest region, being an area with dense forest are there is a lot of wildlife in this country. People who love wildlife will enjoy Suriname, 

Visa policy of Suriname

The government of Suriname had come up with an initiative that, few countries are exempted to get the visa. They provided an alternative measure that they can obtain a tourist card, this tourist card a citizen of the eligible country can apply for this card for $54, with the help of this tourist card the person can stay in Suriname for a maximum period of 90 days. But the tourist cards policy is now terminated on 15th October 2019.

The person traveling to Suriname must have a Passport which should be valid for 6 months from entry into the country. 

A person who is originally from Suriname doesn’t require to have a visa. They need to show proof that they are originally from Suriname

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Tourists traveling from another country must obtain a visa from Suriname. Unless they are a citizen from the visa exempted countries. Tourists traveling to Suriname must hold a passport that has a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of entry into the country. Suriname visa is a small country they get there most wealth from tourist, so they provide visa with the main purpose of regulating and facilitating migratory flows, that will help them to increase the GDP of the country.  

Tourist traveling to Suriname, they have to pay the fees of $54, the Visa holders can stay in Suriname for a maximum period of 90 days. The policy of tourist visas on arrival was terminated on 15th October 2019. 

Suriname is a country rich in culture and has major diversity. Suriname welcomes all the citizens all over the globe, but the tourist traveling is liable to apply for the visa online. government of Suriname has various other options in which Multiple entry visas are available that depend on the nation, tourist belongs. 

There is no need for authorization, as the country has a visa on arrival. Few countries are exempted from visa, a tourist traveling from the visa exempted countries they are allowed to get the visa. You need to get the letter of authorization from the country and embassy, they will get it in the country in no time. 

For tourists traveling to Suriname, there is a quarantine period which is 7 days at the government-approved hotels. 

As the government of Suriname, there are 2 ways of getting a visa:-

  • E-visa
  • Tourist card

The fees for the visa id $ 54 for the single entry for 90 days. There are around 52 countries that are eligible for the E-tourist visa card, if you Re traveling from these countries then you don’t need a Visa, you can just get a tourist card. The citizens from the United States, India, United Kingdom, Canada, and many other European countries person traveling from these countries can acquire tourist cards for traveling.

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The E-visa permits the person for up to 60 days with the cost of $ 59, they are eligible for single entry or multiple entries. If a person travels from a country that allows a tourist card then, he or she can apply for a tourist visa. 

Multiple entry visa 

The government of Suriname provides a visa that allows a tourist for multiple entries in the country. 

Tourist visa for 3 months

Under this visa tourists can have multiple entries in the country, the fee for this visa is $ 60 and the validity of this visa is for 3 months, you can travel for 90 days

Tourist visa for 12 months 

This is similar to a tourist visa, the difference is that the validity for this visa is 12 months and you can stay for 90 days. Fees for this Visa is $ 210

Tourist visa for 3 years

this visa is only for Suriname-originated people, this has a validity of 3 years. Tourists can stay for a maximum of 90 days, the fee for this visa is $ 200.

Tourist Visa for 5 years

Tourist who have a USA passport they are only eligible for this visa. This has a validity of 5 years and you can stay for 90 days, fees for this Visa is $160.

Single entry Business Visa

This type of visa is only given to the person who is traveling to Suriname. This visa has a validity of 3 months and the maximum amount of days a person can stay is 90 days, fee of this visa is $ 60 

Multiple entry Business Visa 

This visa has a validity of 2 years and the maximum amount of days a person can stay is 90 days. The fee for this visa is $ 360. This visa is only for the people who have USA passports. The validity of this visa is 5 years and the maximum amount of days a person can stay is 90 days, fees charged for this visa is $ 160.

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Documents required for Suriname Visa

  1. Travel Itinerary (that means the bookings in the name of the person traveling, except the travel tickets) 
  2. Accommodation Bookings(In the name of the traveler)
  3. A photograph 
  4. Invitation letter from Guarantor in Suriname 
  5. Copy of the ID card of the guarantor in Suriname. 
  6. Passport with the validity of 6 months from the entry in Suriname.

Apply Suriname Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

There are options, If you opt for a visa on arrival then it will be valid for 2 months, which will be 60 days

Due to the COVID outbreak, the Cambodian government has made all the Visa application process online.

Yes, you can afterward. The Government of Cambodia has that facility also. 

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