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Retired Citizen Visa is a temporary stay visa issued for a retired/senior foreign citizen who wishes to go and stay longer than 60 days in Suriname.

The visa shall be valid for one year and will be extended for less than 5 times consecutively. It means this special visa is often extended for up to 5 years. The Retired/Senior Citizen Visa may be a single-entry bookkeeping visa.

How to get a retirement visa?

People are often surprised at how easy it's to qualify for a move abroad. Many countries offer a residency permit (the right to measure during a country) supporting your available income. Various sources like your Social Security, pension, annuity, or income from existing investments will determine your retirement income.

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Requirements for a Retired Permanent Resident Visa

1) Fill out the Suriname application Form from Tourist Visa Online.

2) Valid passport, for a minimum of six (6) months from the intended day of entry.

3) Proof of domicile, or legal entry, will be necessary if you're not a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados or Suriname.

4) Colored passport size photograph

5) Financial solvency (choose just one of the subsequent options): 

Letter from your bank or financial organization stating that you simply have investment or savings of a minimum of 80,000 USD monthly average balance and supply the related bank statements for the last 12 months during which that quantity is reflected. The bank or financial organization letter must be original and include the applicant’s complete name, checking account number, balance for the last 12 months and it's to be signed by the branch manager.


Prove that you simply have a monthly income from Social Security or pension of a minimum of 2,000 USD. so as to prove income, you'll provide your pension receipts for the last 6 months or a letter from Social Security stating the monthly amount that you simply are going to be receiving and therefore the related bank statements during which that quantity is reflected. 

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What is Suriname life like?

Suriname may be a country on the North Eastern coast of South America. it's bordered by Brazil, Guyana and French Guiana and is documented for its amazing biodiversity of the rainforests that cover much of the country. Actually, 30% of the country is protected by law. Think beautiful waterfalls, rivers, rainforests and animals, birds and creatures that you simply haven't seen before.

Suriname used Dutch colony and many of its citizens used to have Dutch citizenship. However, after independence, people who have lost citizenship of the Netherlands acquired citizenship of Suriname.

Over 28 countries are there that don't need visas to enter Suriname and then there are an enormous number who will need to get a visa on arrival.

The risks of retiring abroad

Retiring abroad does have its pros and its cons. It's a big lifestyle change, and it's essential that you simply carefully consider your decision.

  • You may not be on the brink of family and friends.
  • You may have to learn a minimum of a number of replacement languages.
  • You’ll have to learn to navigate local ways of working.
  • Governments, healthcare providers, et al. may go differently.
  • There could also be different security and health risks to those of your home country.
  • Moving may place strain on your relationship.
  • Tax regimes could also be different, to your benefit or cost.
  • Some international retirement hot-spots attract unscrupulous operators.

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How to Apply?

Step 1: Provide the details for your application and upload the required Documents

You can submit your application through tourist visa online. The primary step is to register your account on tourist visa online. Provide all the requested information and upload the required documents. If you're a minor, it's going to be necessary to upload additional documents.

In this step, you'll need to select the country as per the passport that you simply hold. If you've got dual nationality, you would need to select the nationality of the passport that further you simply will use for your travel.

The passport that you simply use for the appliance must be an equivalent as that you will use while travelling to Suriname. If different, then your E-Visa is going to be invalid.

From your date of arrival in Suriname, your passport should atleast have a six month validity. The passport should have a minimum of 1 blank page to be used by the Surinamese Immigration Officer.

The only travel document which will be utilized in the E-Visa application process may be a valid passport.

Each traveler, including infants and youngsters , must obtain a private E-Visa.

Make sure that the knowledge provided by you matches exactly with the knowledge on your passport during your E-Visa application, otherwise your E-Visa is going to be invalid. Once the E-Visa is processed, the knowledge provided can't be changed.

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Step 2: Pay the fee online

After providing all the specified information, you've got to form the fee payment through the Payment gateway. you'll pay the fees employing a MasterCard, Visa and Maestro credit/debit card. it's not necessary for the cardboard to be under your name. confirm that your card has a “3D Secure System” and is enabled to form international transactions.

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Step 3: Download the E-Visa receipt

You'll receive a confirmation code by email if the fee payment is successful. When your application has been approved, you'll receive your E-Visa as a .pdf and enter your email. Keep a printed copy of your E-Visa when you're traveling. We also recommend that you simply keep a replica of the .pdf enters your mobile.

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