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On the north-eastern coast of South America, is a little country called Suriname. In this article, you will find the perfect Suriname Travel guide. So if you are looking to visit this gorgeous coastal nation, then continue reading below.

Suriname was a Dutch Colony back in the years; hence a large population speaks the language and hold Dutch citizenship. The country’s name comes from a race of European indigenous people called Surinen. 

The Dutch influences can be seen in the architecture including several cathedrals. It also has an abundance of tropical rainforests and beaches, which makes it a popular tourist attraction.

Kinds of Visas

Depending on the purpose of your visit, Suriname offers different kinds of visas. Your Suriname travel guide will depend on the kind of visa you have.

However, there are 28 such countries which do not require a visa to visit Suriname. You can head to the official website of tourist visa online and check if you are eligible for exemption or not. If you require one, then check these options below:

Tourist/Visitor’s visa

This is the most common visa that visitors use to travel generally. A single entry visa fee costs $70 and is valid for 90 days. It is also the easiest to get.

Student Visa

If you are planning on joining an educational institution or internship in Suriname, then a student visa fits the bill. You will need an acceptance letter from the said institute to apply for this visa.

Business Visa

A visa like this is available only of you are traveling to Suriname on financial business. Visitors need to have a letter of invitation from a host organisation and a letter from their employee company to apply for this visa.

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Documents required

If you are using the services of a travel agency or an embassy, you will need to submit some documents. Here is a list of them:

  • A passport, which still has a validity of six months left.
  • It should also have at least 3 blank pages for the immigration offer to use.
  • A couple of passport-sized pictures (in accordance with the guidelines issued by passport authority)
  • A detailed and complete Suriname travel guide and itinerary.
  • A list of accommodations where you will be staying.
  • Bank statements as proof of sufficient funds.
  • Acceptance letter from educational institute (for student visa)
  • Invitation letter from host organization (for business visa)

Should you get a visa through travel agency?

Travel agencies like tourist visa online, definitely make the entire visa approval process easy. Applicants just have to fill in a form and submit their documents to the agency.

These agencies also usually have a 100% approval rating, which means that your visa will not get rejected for any reason.

Here is a step by step rundown of the visa application process at an agency:

  • Visit the official website and fill out the visa form.
  • Attach the documents, in their digital form.
  • Pay the visa fee as well as the nominal service fee.
  • After a processing time period of 7-9 days, you will get the visa emailed.
  • Print a hard copy of the visa and bring it with you to the airport.

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Covid 19 restrictions

With the never ending pandemic, the country’s government has put in several, Suriname Covid Restrictions in place. They are for the protection of residents as well as tourists.

Read on below and find out all about the rules you should take care of:

  • The currently is currently only allowing vaccinated tourists to enter. It is a good idea to get that jab before preparing a Suriname Travel guide.
  • The borders so not have any particular travel or quarantine restrictions for vaccinated individuals.
  • You will have to provide proof of vaccination and a negative RT-PCR test.
  • However, unvaccinated travelers will still have to quarantine for 14 days on arrival.
  • Unvaccinated visitors will have to provide all valid travel documents and undergo a mandatory health screening.

Travel Conditions

If you are vaccinated and have taken note of all the Suriname Covid Restrictions, then you will be ready to travel to this summer dream country.

It should be noted that the country has partial lockdowns in place to prevent virus spread. Events, shops, bars, restaurants and transportation are all open, with some restrictions.

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Places to Visit

Once you are done with the quarantine, the country offers you an array of great sights and beautiful architecture. Read on the must-visit places from our Suriname Travel guide:

  • Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral
  • Central Suriname Nature Reserve
  • Brownsberg Nature Park
  • Commewijne River
  • Fort Zeelandia and many more

Apply Suriname Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

In Suriname, your visa can be extended up till a period of six months to one year.

You can visit the Contact us page of a travel agency who can provide you with the ultimate Suriname travel guide.

No, the visa fee remains the same for all age groups.

You can check you visa eligibility in just one step through Tourist Visa Online.

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