Can Cubans go to Suriname without a visa

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Suriname is a country on the North-eastern coast of Africa. It is a small country, in this country their swaths of tropical rainforest. There is heavy rainfall in this country. this country is majorly influenced by Dutch culture as there is Dutch Colonial architecture and there is a melting pot culture. 

Suriname is a major tourist attraction, tourists from all around the globe travel to Suriname. In this country, there are old heritage sites that are a pleasure to watch. Suriname is a heritage country, the capital of the country is Paramaribo. The capital of the country is situated on the Atlantic coast. 

In the capital region, there are palm gardens that grow near the Fort of Zealandia, this is a 17th-century trading port. There are cathedral consecrated towering wood which is from St. Peter and Paul Basilica, they have their home in the country’s capital which is “Paramaribo”

Any Cuban citizen who wishes to travel to Suriname has to first obtain a visa to travel to Suriname. To obtain the visa, you can now even apply for your visa online. Applying online for a visa will provide you with an e-Visa which is considered valid for Cuban citizens traveling to Suriname. Cuban nationals are required to obtain an e-Visa before they board the plane for Suriname. All the Cuban nationals wishing to travel as a tourist are required to apply for the Suriname e-tourist card for the convenience in their travel. 


Several documents are required for the Cuban citizen for the visa of Suriname

  • Valid passport

The tourist needs to have a valid passport, that passport must be valid for 6 months before entry into the country. 

  • Travel Itinerary 

The government of Suriname has made some statements under which the tourist needs to prove to the government of Suriname that they have enough funds for them to take care in Suriname.

  • Hotel reservations 

The tourist also needs to show them the Hotel reservations they have made. 


  • Invitation letter 

In case of a business visa, they need to have an invitation letter from the company. This is proof that you are being taken care of in the country. 

  • Photograph 

The tourist must carry a photograph that must not be older than 3 months. 

  • Payment of the visa

The payment of the visa must be done. The payment can be done through your debit card or credit card. 


Validity of the E-visa 

The validity of the e-visa is for 90 days from entry into the country. After 90 days your E-visa will expire. 

This application of the e-visa is very simple as it can be done in 20 minutes to complete the form. This can be done by anyone and the payment can be done by using a debit card or the credit card. 

There is also one more facility, that if the person needs this visa urgently he or she can opt for the rush visa, that will cost $94 but it will be ready in 5 business days. If the applicant chooses the standard visa it will take 7 business days and this will cost him or her around $ 74. There is also one more way which is “Super rush visa”, in this your tourist card will be ready in 3 business days and this will cost them $ 114. 

Vaccination certificate 

Vaccination certificates for all travelers are a must to enter Suriname. 

Apply Suriname Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Cuban citizens traveling to Suriname need a visa to travel to Suriname, they need to arrange for the visa before they arrive in the country. 

The government of Suriname has made this initiative so that tourists around the world can travel using this card. This tourist card can be used by the tourist for traveling inside the country. 

The validity of the Suriname visa is for 90 days, this is only for Cuban Citizens. 

The application of the E-visa is very simple and easy. Anyone can apply for an E-visa from the online portal. The applicant simply needs to put their information in the online portal and then make the pending payment. The applicant must apply for a tourist visa before they arrive at the airport. 

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