If you drive to Suriname do you need a visa

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If you are planning for a road trip to Suriname, then you will need a visa to travel. As at the entry ports of the country, require the person to have a visa to enter the country. No matter what is the reason for your entry or the duration of your stay. A single-entry tourist visa is still needed for entry into the country, this is the requirement for entry into the country. 

Several documents are needed for the visa. The person who needs to get the visa needs to fulfill the visa requirements. The visa application is very easy as the visa application form can be filled online and it won't take more than a few minutes. The visa application process requires some documents to be uploaded and after that payment of the visa is needed to be done with a valid credit card or debit card. 

After all this, the visa will be processed and it will be mailed to the email address given. The details are given at the time of visa application 

Driving in Suriname is not going to be a task for you as it is very easy. You just need to follow the traffic rules and driving rules and you will be good to go. But make sure that you have an international driver’s license before you plan on driving in Suriname. Any person below the age of 18 is not allowed to drive in Suriname. 


Following are some of the major points to keep in mind while driving in Suriname:

Avoid night driving

Although Suriname is considered a safe city, still you should avoid driving at night if you are not experienced with driving in Suriname as there might be cases of people driving at high speed at night and can cause an accident. Make sure to have an international driver's license. 

There might be some stray animals during the night and due to the inadequate lighting, driving at night can cause a lot of problems and can even put your life in danger. So you better be an experienced driver or do not drive at night in Suriname. 

Don’t drink and drive

You can get arrested if you are caught by the Suriname police for drinking and driving. It is against the rules and norms of driving as it can be harmful to both the person driving the car and anyone who gets hit by the car due to the driver being drunk. 


Follow the speed limits. 

If you want to stay away from any trouble in Suriname, you should follow the speed limits imposed to avoid any sort of accident. You can even get a ticket if you do not follow the speed limit. You must always carry your international driver’s license. In case of an emergency, call on the emergency helpline number 112. 

The speed limit in Suriname is 40 km/h for driving in urban areas and 90 km/h for driving on freeways. Please do follow the speed limit and all the traffic rules and driving rules while driving in Suriname as getting into an accident as a foreigner and getting caught by Suriname policy can be problematic. In case of serious issues or if somehow you lose your license due to not following the rules, then you might even get deported back to your own country. You might also be banned permanently from entering the country of Suriname due to criminal charges or a police complaint against you for breaking the rules or causing an accident. 

Always carry your driver's license and your IDP

To travel and drive in Suriname, some important essential documents are required. One of the most important documents amongst all is your international driver’s license and IDP. Registration for an international driver’s license can be made online or at any local licensing authority. 

Having a driving license and an IDP in Suriname can be very useful for you. It will help you avoid any sort of problems as a foreigner in another country and you will be able to drive with peace and safety in Suriname. IDP is necessary even while filling in the form for the application of a driving license. 


Overtake very safely

It is not an illegal act to overtake in Suriname, but make sure that you overtake safely. Do remember to always follow the rules and the speed limit while you overtake. Avoid any sort of accident as overtaking at high speed can be fatal. Remember that if you are caught in an accident while overtaking in a high-speed or a wrong manner from the wrong lane then you might even lose your driving license forever. So make sure to take precautions and overtake safely while you drive. 

The process of driving is easy if you are skilled but it can get really bad and sometimes fatal if you are not experienced or if you do not follow the protocol. If you follow all the rules while driving in Suriname, you will surely not get into any danger and will be able to enjoy your trip safe and sound. 

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