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Suriname is a country situated in South America. It has a dense tropical rainforest and it comes under the architecture of the Dutch. The capital city of Suriname is Paramaribo. The currency of the country is Suriname Dollar. The Guyana citizens can get a visa for entering Suriname easily. In this article, we have expained about how to get Suriname visa in Guyana. The requirements and steps for the process explained in detail in the upcoming paragraphs. The types of visas available are also explained in the below paragraphs.

Process of applying visa at time of pandemic:

For entering Suriname the Guyanan citizens must have a passport with a validity of at least six to seven months. The main document required is the health declaration form. Now let’s discuss the procedure involved.  The first process is filling the application form and enters the details carefully without any mistake. Then make the payment transaction for the processing of the application. The mode of payment can be anything from that is online. Then proceed to the next step and submit the application.


Documents for E-visa:

After the process of e-visa, the e-tourist will be automatically generated. Do the application process properly and the rest will be correct automatically. If the details entered are incorrect the process also will be wrong. The period of passport valid for 6 to 7 months is a must. They need proof about the money you have. You must also prove it will be enough for the stay in Suriname. The stay details that are the booing of the stay details scanned or printed copy is a must. A letter of invitation is a must for business owners. The 2 photographs taken very recently within 2 to 3 months are a must. Then carry the debit or credit cards for the payments.  

Health declaration details:

For the Guyanan citizens, the health declaration is important along with the passport. The details that are most needed are the validity date of the passport and the scanned copy of the first and last page. The whole details of the trip and the stay are a must. The details of Covid 19 test results taken just before the arrival to Suriname that is within 72 or 48 hours. The passport size photographs and the details of traveling including from and exit are a must. The life health insurance policy details are also required. A professional email address is a must. Before traveling makes sure you have all the documents along with the declaration health certificates. The Covid test is very much mandatory during this pandemic period. If the result is positive you are not allowed to enter Suriname. The health declaration is considered a travel document. Suriname considers health as an important factor. They collect this for the travellers.


Types of Suriname visa in Guyana:

There are two types of Suriname visa available. The one is a tourist card. It has a stay period validity of 90 days. Here only 90 days visa is available. The permission allotted for this visa is only for one time. It does not allow multiple entries by using the same visa. This is given to people only for tourist purposes. The time for the visa processing minimum takes up to four to six days. The next is the business visa. For getting this visa it may take about six to seven days. The entry allowed for this visa also is only one time. The period of stay allowed for 90 days as a whole including entry and exit date.


The details about getting the visa for Suriname are explained very clearly. By reading this you will get to know the requirements needed. This makes the process easy and simple for the tourist to enter the country. Don’t forget to carry your passport and the declaration form for travel.



Q. Is there a need for a visa for visiting Suriname?
Yes, all the national citizens from foreign countries will need a visa to enter Suriname. There are few countries that have the exemption for getting a visa. Check the list of countries that need a visa before getting into the process. There is something called the E-tourist card for passengers who want to visit Suriname. So getting a visa is a mandatory process in Suriname also.
Q. List the category of countries under the exception for a visa to visit Suriname?
There are few countries under the list that need not get the visa. For the 30 days visa exception the countries like Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Serbia, and Malaysia present in the list. The next is for 90 days exemption of visa the countries are Russia, Japan, and Hong Kong. Finally, for the 180 days, visa exception countries are Grenada, Saba, Guyana, Jamaica, Bahamas, and many more. Before applying visa check for these lists of countries with an exception. If your country is included then you don’t have to apply for a visa. Without having any consultation with the embassy few passengers from countries can get the visa. The countries are the USA, China, Portugal, etc.

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