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To travel to the home of tropical forests, sceneries and big trees and animals what more can be fascinating, than Suriname. Suriname also amazes you with hiking, fishing, swimming and watching various kinds of species and birds through the woods. However, to have a glaze upon this splendid beauty of nature, one should travel to Suriname. To travel to this beautiful country one should have a visa with them. Suriname also has facilities like visa on arrival etc. This article provides you with all sorts of information regarding the requirements, fees, the registration process etc.

So get down to know more.

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Visa on arrival can be easily defined as the visa which gets approved at the time of arrival of the passenger. This is also known as a visa granted at the time of arrival. In this kind, you must not have to secure a particular visa for the country you want to visit until you buy a plane ticket.

This kind of visa proceeds when the passenger reaches the current airport or before boarding. This is extremely safe and completely hazel free. However, to apply this you must go through certain practise and uploading documents.

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  • Photographs (of people travelling) 3*4cm
  • Passport cover page
  • A copy of the reservation of the hotel or apartment in which you will (give the proper address and telephone number)
  • Letter by the guarantor inviting to stay (this is needed only if you travel for business and education purposes)
  • A photocopy of ID proof of both traveller and
  • An official letter of (depend on the purposes of visiting)
  • Copy of return air
  • A proper medical certificate which should include
  1. Yellow fever certificate
  2. Hiv-aids certificate
  3. Leprosy certificate
  4. Hepatitis -B
  5. Tuberculosis
  6. Venereal disease
  7. The application form, which is signed and completed with all the documents correctly
  8. The lists of insurance coverage
  9. Income tax return or filed (if any)

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The procedure of applying for e visa is as following

Upload the required documents, the documents must be authentic and checked before uploading once the form gets submitted or changes could be done later. The application form should only be posted in the portal you are applying in. However, once you click on the e-visa link, the first step is a. Personal verification b. registration on the website.

  • While applying the passenger must provide the correct
  • The passport must have 1 blank page for Surinamese immigrants
  • All the passengers travelling must have a separate e-visa and all the information provided should be matched with the present passport.
  • This whole procedure is very crucial, to maintain the confidential documents of a person while logging into the portal one should have a proper internet connection, in case the connection is poor the portal may show an error message.
  • In this case, at times while paying the fee, the money is deducted from the bank but the process of payment still occurs as pending. Rush to your assigned bank.

Pay the required fee- as the whole procedure is online, one should pay the fee in an online method through a debit or credit card. The card can also be maestro, MasterCard and visa. The card must have access to online transactions in foreign countries.

Download the e-visa receipt - The last step before the completion of the whole e-visa process is to get a confirmation email and a pdf of the e-visa. This pdf should be downloaded and copied.

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If a person is a travel freak and wants a hassle-free travelling service to Suriname. The best idea would be a visa on arrival. This procedure is completely the same as any Suriname visa application. The applicants can enjoy the service for a long time. This article will help you out to know more about the visa policies. So, what is stopping you from booking your visa on arrival tickets and enjoying the hassle-free service of ours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, many companies do provide pick and drop service which becomes more convenient for the applicants.

The maximum duration to get a Suriname visa is a maximum of 5 days to 7 working days.

Suriname is the smallest yet independent country in South America. now formerly known as Dutch Guiana.  The beauty of the country is

  • Central Suriname nature reserve
  • Galibi copename natural reserve
  • Paramaribo
  • Commewijne river
  • And other stunning beautiful places to admire with your family and friends.
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