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Suriname is a small Dutch country in South America, which mostly faces hot and humid weather types. The main attraction of the visitors is the Amazonian rainforest, flora and fauna and biodiversity. The waterfall and handcraft of the bowels, plates, glasses etc, attract huge visitors. It is said that the officers or the students are mostly found surveying the beauty of the place as well. The area is also declared as wildlife reserves and other various eco-friendly projects. No wonder why people have more demand for Suriname visas. 

However, to get to know more about the Suriname visa or to get through the visa, one must have very important and useful knowledge about the visa. This article provides you with basic and brief ideas about the requirements of documents needed at times of applying for a visa. Get down to know more.


For applying for a Suriname visa the requirement is as follows -

  • 2 passport size photographs with the signatures of the
  • The visa application form should be signed and filled with all the correct
  • Proof of the return air ticket information
  • Travel insurance is to be done The insurance should be valid for the whole period of stay.
  • Income tax return of the last 3 to 4
  • A bank statement, which should be stamped and has a bank seal on It should be updated for a maximum of 6 months.
  • Medical fit (it should be mentioned that one should be fit and free of the following diseases)
  1. Leprosy
  3. Hepatitis B
  4. Venereal disease
  5. Tuberculosis
  6. Any other contagious disease
  7. Yellow ever

These contagious reports should be correct and duly signed by the doctor as well as the hospital. The certificate should mention that the applicants Xyz is not undergoing any such contagious disease mentioned above.

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Travelling for a company or employment

  • Last 3 months salary slip of the
  • A leave authorized certificate, which asserts that the passenger is approved for the leave for a particular interval, with an authorised stamp of the

Travelling after being retired 

  • In that case, one must have a
  • Clear and authentic proof of retirement
  • Any statements (bank)
  • Pension

Travelling for business 

  • Bank statement of the company with 6-month seal by the bank and
  • Last 3 years Income tax return of the company
  • A certificate of partnership deed, registration license and

Applying for a business visa

  • A letter which of Inviting company in Suriname
  • Recommendation from the chamber of
  • Invitation of the company ( it should be mentioned the reason, time date of stay, business details )
  • A letter from the present

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Travelling to friend, colleagues or relatives house 

  • Utility proof, Id proof, passport and residence permit of the inviter
  • Invitation letter- the letter must contain the reason or purpose and duration of stay of the

If a minor (underaged ) Is travelling 

  • Id proof of the parents
  • A NOC ( legalised letter of consent)
  • If the child is travelling alone, then a notarized letter of consent of both the parents is
  • If travelling with one parent, then a legalised letter of consent of the other parents is This should be authorised and signed by the next parent.
  • A death proof or certificate, if the parents are deceased

Travelling for a sponsored vent or sponsorship

  • Id proof of the
  • A clear proof of financial support of the passenger
  • Passport and residence permit of the
  • The letter of The letter of sponsorship should be mentioned the reason, purpose, duration of the stay economic stability, reason of getting sponsor, date of travelling and other important information, required at times of visa application)

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How confusing it can be to figure out an exact idea about a particular requirement of the visa of Suriname. No wonder, this article can surely help a person to track down all the documents required which becomes easy at times of filling the Suriname visa application. However, every visa has different criteria for which the number of documents must differ from one another.

This can help the passenger to have less chaos at times of filing the visa application form. This article has only shed a light on the requirements of every different category of visa for Suriname. There are 4-5 types of Suriname visas. One should be specific while filing the form. So what's stopping you from filling the application for a suriname visa and enjoying the beautiful view of Suriname's tropical dense forest.

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