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Suriname is a pure eco-friendly and eco-loving country. Its capital Paramaribo, located on the bank of the Surinamese river, gives you a gigantic view of the green environment and fantastic sea-side.

Suriname offers various types of set of visa policies to its visitors. There is some nation who counted under the policy of Suriname visa-free country or some counted under the policy of special visa card, known as Suriname Tourist Card. In spite, there are several countries still left, who is not even a part of any of these Suriname visa policies.

Suriname visa Policy

Suriname is going very straight with its visa policy. Either the applicant is belonging from the Suriname Visa-free countries or the applicant is eligible for Suriname Tourist Card Holder. You can check the list of Suriname visa-free countries and Suriname Tourist Cardholder eligible countries. If you don't find your country in these lists, go through with these mentioned documents, while requesting your visa for Suriname.

Required Documents for Suriname Visa

Before Heading towards the Suriname tour, you should know about the required documents of Suriname. As Every Country Have Their Visa Requirements. Suriname is also liable to visa or entry permit necessities. To gain your Suriname visa, you must follow these mentioned guidelines when you applying a visa for Suriname.

  1. Valid passport of at least 6 months from the date of arrival and have at least 1 page available for the Immigration stamp.
  2. Passport cover and bio page
  3. The formal list of your itinerary
  4. Confirmed flight tickets (in case of single entry)
  5. The multiple numbers of photographs, sized in 3*4 cm.
  6. Signed formal cover letter from the applicant, which reveals the purpose of the visit, either for tourism or business or employment.
  7. Ratified accommodation/ staying address in Suriname, it may be hotel or keen’s place
  8. Details of your debit/ credit card as a proof, that ensure your stay in Suriname
  9. Letter of Invitation of the invitee (in case of sponsored), this letter is commonly submitted in the pack of business visa documents or visitor visa documents
  10. Copy of ID card of the invitee, that revels it Surinamese citizenship (in case of sponsored)

Remember, your tourist and business visas cannot be extended more than 90 days, either of single entry or multiple entries. Exactly on the 90th day in Suriname, you must take off from the country as soon as possible. Also, the validity of your visa starts when you finally arrived at the Surinamese airport and not in advance/ before-arrival.


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