Step by Step Process to Apply Taiwan Visa for India Nationals

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About India Information

India is officially an independent country, it faces a great struggle to make this country free from British rule, it been covey that India is the second most popular country, for its culture, traditions, historic sculptures, and religious beliefs. Multi tongue citizens used to live here in this country, no specification of any one kind of religion rather it has variants kinds of nations people. It has been border by the Indian and Pacific seas, and it is worth visiting India as 1 year will be less to visit all the parts of India. It is a developing country and its geographical condition has made it this good producer of agriculture.


Facts Of Taiwan

Every country contains some interesting and unknown facts and those supreme facts should be entertained and must be tried by the travelers. This Taiwan land is slowly gaining an important attractions phase from the tourist and explorer. From the research studying its economic clones are quite high and its GDP and shares economy is also growing fast, no doughs that in a few years it will be declared as the luxury country for the emirates. For Taiwan foreign sovereign and business relations with the Australian county both the countries elaborating their business and exports items in various nations, countries and international organizations bodies. Here I will explain 5 interesting facts that will give you a clear glimpse of views about the country Taiwan.

  • Have you ever heard of bubble tea beverages in the world, it has been the invention of beverages in the Taiwan land, bubble tea was fist been invented in the 1980s and it has been founded and famous all around the Taiwan corners! The Taiwan country bubble tee is a gift for the tasty world of beverages. It has been founded in western Asia lands and countries too.
  • The bubble tea is been made of pearls tea or boba it has been made with the country’s traditional kinds of milk and ball of tapioca, or in other ways, it been served as refreshment drinks also it can be prepared with coconut jelly. Well, the taste of this beverage is not similar to any other beverages, in many cases, the boba taste may not be impressive for many tasters but when you are traveling to Taiwan you must taste this as it might discover your likely drinks.
  • Taiwan is a small country, and there is phase good things always come in small amount, it been a tourist reports that the whole Taiwan land can be visited within 8 hours of driving’s, if you are traveling via high-speed trains then it will take only 2 hours to complete your trip, in short, you will not have to spend many times on road rather you can view the aspiring beauty of the Taiwan country. Taiwan also consists of many historical pilgrims, churches, and museums to visit and the most beautiful taroka national park which is been located in Taiwan land. In short, it has been the most glamorous place to enjoy the holidays.
  • Other most interesting facts about Taiwan, when you will walk on the Taiwan streets you will not find any trash collection places or any kind of garbage box, as the reason behind that is they use garbage tracks to collect garbage’s from every house and also goes around in the town to collect it, and now the question comes how they will recall when to collect garbage’s, there locates a unique twist the garbage collecting tracks use a Fur Elise it alerts the households to take out their garbage’s and that’s how they use to make the Taiwan county clear
  • Taiwan countries people believe in an eco-friendly atmosphere they use only those things which can be used even after recycling, so the Taiwan embassy has made a rule to avoid plastics in their day-to-day lives. No plastic straws, bags, non-disposal utensils, or any cups of plastics for beverages.  
  • Stinky tofu is been the famous popular street dish of Taiwan country, it been founded a common proposal terms behinds this dish, it says that this dish is good for taste but not so goods for Norse to smell that the specially of the Taiwan countries food.

Taiwan Visa

For the India Nationals, the Taiwan visa is been available for apply, as the nationalist has to get visa approval for their traveling purpose. The Taiwan embassy has given the rules, that the Indian nationalist can legally stay in the Taiwan country with visa needful for 30 days, and it can rather be extending up to 90 days, but keep this in mind no changes of visa type, or extending of visa timing can be progressed when the travelers are already in the Taiwan land.

The visa types offer to the Indian explorer for the Taiwan country visits are-

  1. Single visas for the Indian nationalist
  2. Multiple visas for the Indian nationalist.

Each visa types variants follows different requirements; the flight services are available and the Taiwan embassy also allows the border enters.

Entry conditions by the Taiwan embassy

  • For the border entry 
    • Passport and visas original copy of records are needed
    • Health documents which included – vaccination dose certificates, PCR tests, complete health check-ups, etc., the documents must be generated from some hospital firms.
    • Maintaining proper social distancing and wearing masks
    • Image’s identity is also required.


Taiwan Visa Requirements

The Taiwan country followed visa requirements that the Indian nationalist should be fulfilled 

  • In the visa application process candidate’s passport holdings is compulsory
  • Their passport must satisfy the 6 monthly activations conditions
  • Visa holders’ photographs must be uploaded, as these images are been asked by the Taiwan embassy to recognize the applicant's face
  • All the personal particular information’s of the traveler are required
  • The location and house number where the applicant stay
  • Their full name, signatures, candidature proof, and id cards documents are needed
  • Bookings particular and flights onboarding details are required
  • Bank details must consist of the transactions records for at least 6 months
  • No crime history in police records 
  • The immigration or rather an invitation letter has to be submitted
  • Completion of the visa application form must be kept as a copy or records
  • Health documents which included – vaccination dose certificates, PCR tests, complete health check-ups, etc., the documents must be generated from some hospital firms.
  • Payments must be clear
  • Must ensure a travel insurance paper
  • Details to foreign minister regard the date of returning.


Visa Online

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