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Located in the Southeast of China, Taiwan is one of the world's most popular island nations. Its lively cities are full of lovely ancient temples, fantastic museums, and vibrant evening markets that provide a fantastic range of delicious cuisine. Far from busy streets, a significant number of visitors are invited to explore the beautiful Sun Moon Lake and spectacular Kinmen Island, Taiwan's unbelievable nature. In this article, we have jotted down the best places to visit in Taiwan.

Taiwan has long been at loggerheads with China as a bastion of democracy and human rights, and Taiwanese people are friendly and welcoming who proudly defend their independence.

Visitors to Taiwan will have their time to make their way to a memorable trip with such a wide range of different things to do. 

7 Best Places to Visit in Taiwan


Kaohsiung is a lively and energy-pleasant city and a favorite tourist destination for everybody, with foreigners as well as locals alike. The third most densely populated city and trade and commerce have provided a broad mix of populations, cultures, and community that reflects the delicious cuisine available. It acts both as a maritime and as an industrial hub of the country.

It is an excellent place for outdoor activities, and both cycling and hiking tours are ideal all year round, with great weather and lovely landscaping surrounded by beautiful landscape. Furthermore, Kaohsiung is home to many historical sites, and every year more and more museums flower.


Wulai is the hometown of the Atayals and is famous across Taiwan for its thermal springs located in the South of New Taipei City. It is now a tourist town, with many people walking through the warm waters, learning about the rich culture of indigenous peoples, and exploring nature.

You can walk in the forest, fish in the river and camp in the wild while enjoying the beautiful countryside with a lot of outdoor activities available. Some indigenous art and crafts can also be bought for sale by visitors, and local dishes are tried.

The undeniable highlight of every visit to Wulai is the rich thermal springs, and the city's mountain setting only makes it all the more magical to sit back and enjoy the view. 


Kinmen Islands

Located between Taiwan and China, this group of islands is known for being the location of a battle between Communists and Nationalists in 1949, although today, it's more commonly known as a popular tourist destination.

With a lot of beautiful landscapes located on the islands, it is sometimes referred to as the "park in the sea," as there are so many bright flowers, wildlife, and nature reserved for visitors.

In Kinmen, there is an abundance of historic buildings. Much delightful ancient architecture can be viewed by tourists and many marvelous beaches scattered here and there. The Kinmen Islands are renowned for its local produce and delicious cuisine when you are in Taiwan.

Kenting National Park

In the south of Taiwan on the Hengchun Peninsula, Kenting, considered by many to be the oldest national park in the country, is also a top-rated tourist destination. The beautiful beaches and the tropical climate are mostly attractive for visitors with lots of lovely scenery.

Kenting is immersed in beautiful sunshine, and many fauna and flora are on display. The massive Eluanbi Lighthouse, towering over the surroundings, is a must-see attraction. The famous Spring Scream Festival in Kenting, which attracts thousands of musicians every year, is another fabulous National Park to visit.

Alishan National Scenic Area

The Alishan National Scenic Area is a wild, wild and beautiful place with 25 mountains at two thousand meters above sea level. It is a magical affair, and the scenery is great to look at hills, valleys, waterfalls, and forests.

There are many paths and trails that lead you to some of the best points of view. The Alishan Forest Railway, which crosses forests and mountain ranges before stopping in Fenqihu, a picturesque village with the remains of a Shinto temple, can be a great way to see many of the reserves in one go.

Alishan is a perfect place to visit, and your visit will live long in your memories, home to the Tsou people renowned for their tea making.


This ancient city, which was once the capital of imperial Taiwan, is worth visiting, and visitors can enjoy many exciting sights and cultural attractions. The Anping District, the historical heart of Tainan, is one of the city's most popular areas to visit.

There are numerous beautiful ancient temples in this area, and Fort Zeelandia which was constructed during the 17th century by the Dutch East India Company. Some great museums, such as Chimei and Koxinga Museums, are available, and much great shopping is possible. There is no shopping. Stop for some of the local cuisines in the night markets.

You can easily take the day to the Nanhua or the Hutoupi reservoirs and even leave the Taijian National Park with lots of beautiful nature surrounding Tainan.


Sun Moon Lake

The Sun Moon Lake is the country's largest water supply and is both a popular tourist destination for locals and strangers. There are loads of hotels and resorts along the coast of the lake and many restaurants, shops and bars are available that satisfy every need of the visitor.

You can sail to the lake, take a pleasant walk, or cycle in the hillside, or take a boat trip across the quiet sea and enjoy the breathtaking landscape with many outdoor activities available. Besides the amazing scenery, visitors can visit some great temples and a cable car tour providing unforgettable picturesque views of the lake.

So these are some of the Best Places to Visit in Taiwan. The list is very long, and you can explore it once you visit the nation. So get your Taiwan Visa from Tourist Visa Online and visit this mesmerizing nation.

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