how to track tajikistan visa status online

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Have you already planned your trip to Tajikistan? Have you applied for your Tajikistan visa already? You have questions like when you get a visa and what is the current status of your Tajikistan visa? Do you want to track your Tajikistan visa status but are you worried about how you can track your Tajikistan visa? So now all your stress and worries will go away as we have the solution for all your problems when it comes to tracking your visa statusTajikistan

Now you may be thinking that how is it possible to try the current status of visa.  and what is the status of your visa is not accurate? So let us tell you that there is no such thing because the status that you track with the accurate details is absolutely correct because it is shown as per the latest information on the Government website. 

Frequently Asked questions

Q. From where can I track my Tajikistan visa status?

Visa status you have to visit the official website of Tourist visa online which enables you to track visa status if you follow a few simple steps. So if you want to track your Tajikistan visa status then visit

Q. Which documents for information I will need to track my Tajikistan visa status?

When it comes to tracking the visa status you only require two important information’s one is your passport number and the second one is your application ID. 

1. Passport number- Passport number is very important information that you should definitely have when starting the process to track your visa status. A passport number is a unique number through which It can be identified to whom the passport belongs.

2. Application ID- Application ID is provided to each individual who applies for the Tajikistan visa. It is a unique and complex id which is an alphanumeric number. To check your application ID, you can review your application form or you can check the acknowledgment mail in which you will find the application id. 

Q. What is the process to track the Tajikistan visa status?

As of now successfully reached Tourist visa online website there you will find an option to track your visa status which allows you to track the current status of your visa if you follow a few simple steps that are even less time-consuming. If you are interested to know about the process, then read the below steps which will give your exact idea of how you are able to track visa status.

On the page, you will find a column in which you have to fill your passport number and another column where you have to fill your application ID. When you are about to fill your details please make sure that all attitudes are accurate and authentic so that you do not face any kind of trouble while tracking your visa status. 

Q. What is the processing time for a Tajikistan visa?

The processing time for the Tajikistan visa is just 48 hours and you can get your visa in 48 hours if you have filled all your details Accurately. The processing time of a Tajikistan visa is when you apply online. 

Q. Does it take any money to track the status of my Tajikistan visa?

No, you don't have to pay any kind of money to track your Tajikistan visa. It is absolutely free of cost for you to track your visa status. 

Q. ls Alternate way to track Tajikistan visa status?

Yes, there is another alternate way through which you can track your Tajikistan visa which is even more easier than the first one. So when you successfully submit the application form you will receive an acknowledgment mail from the team of tourist visa online in that mail you will find a link which will redirect you to the page where you can try your visa status easily. When you reach the page successfully you have to fill the application ID that has been provided to you at the time when you filled the application form and the passport number which is given on your passport.


To apply for Tajikistan visa, make sure that you get a valid application so that you can track your Tajikistan visa status which will help you to be relaxed and keep your worries away. If you want to track your Tajikistan visa status, then you should follow the above process which has been explained by us. You can use any of the two ways as per your convenience but make sure that you have an application ID as well as passport number at the same time without it you will not be able to track your visa status. If you are facing any kind of issue in tracking your visa status immediately connect with the team of Tourist visa online to resolve the issue. 

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