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Thailand (officially-Kingdom of Thailand) is a country located in South-east Asia on the Indo-Chinese Peninsula. Thailand is a modern and well-developed country with a lot of adventurous and fun places out there. Thailand is famous for its world-class beaches and mountains. Thailand is so beautiful that visiting Thailand can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Thailand visa for Andorra Nationals is not mandatory for traveling or staying in the country for 30 days since 14 April 2019, as Thailand has made Andorra Nationals a free Visa-Exempt country.

However, for a long-term stay of 90 days, a Thailand visa for Andorra Nationals becomes necessary. Thailand visa can be acquired by visiting the Thailand Embassy in Andorra, or one can quickly get an Electronic visa or E-visa through online websites. Apply for E-visa is comparatively easy, than that of the former one as it is hustle free and time-saving.

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Citizens of the below countries are eligible for E-Visa:















San Marino

Saudi Arabia





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Thailand visa fee for Andorra citizens:

Type of Visa

Visa Category

Numbers of Entry

Visa Validity

Stay Validity

Processing Time

Visa Fee

15 Days Visa

Tourist Visa

Single Entry

15 Days

15 Days

7-9 Days

50.0 USD

T8 Health Declaration Form

Health Form

Single Entry

30 Days

30 Days

7-9 Days

0.0 USD

Thailand visa requirements for Andorra Nationals

  1. Documents for 30 days visa-free stay.
  • Andorra passport with a validity of six months from the day of Arrival.
  • Confirmed return air-tickets for leaving the country within 30days.
  • Filled Thailand Arrival Card, which will be provided to you right before boarding.
  • Must have proof of funds. 
  • Valid Email ID.

Document for all other types of visas.

  • Andorra passport with the validity of at least six months from the date of allotment of visa.
  • Passport must have at least two blank pages for stamping purposes.
  • Passport size photograph (4x6 cm) of the applicant. 
  • The photograph should be of the front face.
  • Photograph should have a white background.
  • A valid email address of the applicant will be required so that the information regarding visa approval can be shared.
  • Copy of statement of Bank  approved by the bank manager.
  • Must have sound money in the traveler bank.
  • Debit card and the credit card that is applicable in Thailand.
  • All the detail regarding Thailand travel, such as hotel booking.
  • Applicant must have a copy of health insurance coverage.
  • The applicant must avoid security restrictions for safely clearing enter and exit points.
  • Confirmed tickets for both sides.
  • Occupation or Business of the Applicant. 

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Types of Thailand visa for Andorra Nationals:

30 Days Visa-Free Entry: In this, Citizens of Andorra can travel or stay in the country for 30 days based on their passport only. The traveler has to leave the country before or on the 30th day from the date of Arrival. However, there are certain limitations on the number of entry, if someone is traveling to Thailand by land.

Tourist visa:

The tourist visa is for the traveler who wants to visit Thailand with their family, friends, and colleagues for the sole purpose of traveling. The tourist visa is issued for 90 days. The validity of a visa thus depends on the number of days the visa is issued.

Business Visa: 

A business visa is for business purposes. This visa is issued to people in business and job professionals. People willing to expand their business by investing their money in Thailand can apply for this visa.

The job professional who gets hired in any organization or company in Thailand can apply for this visa. Job professional requires an invitation letter from the company, and also the company only can request for visa on their responsibility. A business visa is issued for 90 days. 

Transit visa:

Transit visa is issued for the maximum duration of 72 Hours. Transit visa is only given when Thailand acts as an intermediate airport while traveling between the two countries.

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Q. Thailand visa for Andorra Nationals can be extended?

Yes, a Thailand visa can be extended for up to 90 days.

Q. Is it necessary to pre-book return tickets for 30 days visa-free visit?

No, it is not necessary to pre-book return tickets. But it is recommended to pre-book tickets to avoid any complications.

Q. What are Thailand visa requirements for Andorra Nationals?

Passport, Photographs, and a valid email address. 

Q. Can Andorra Nationals apply for Thailand E-Visa?

Yes, Andorra Nationals can apply for Thailand's E-visa.

Q. Do children also need a visa?

Yes, every individual must have his visa may be it a child or an adult.

Q. Can Andorra nationals apply for an E-VOA for Thailand?

Andorra nationals are eligible for E-VOA.

Q. Do I need a Thailand visa for Andorra Nationals for 30 days?

Thailand has made visa-free entry to Andorra National for 30 days. Therefore citizens of Andorra do not need visas for traveling in Thailand.

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