Steps to Apply Thailand Visa For Lithuania Nationals

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Thailand Facts

Thailand is a home package of holidays, mainly famous for its scripted limestone cliffs, famous beaches, and glamorous worshiped temples. Its beauty of nation has dragged many tourists attention; it been known by its name called land of smiles; it has been covered with cultural infrastructure, beaches, temples, historical places. It consists of some of the interesting facts about the Thailand country which the tourist must know-



  • Do you have any idea about Bangkok’s real name well, it is quite long and lengthen, as its name is been encrypted in Sanskrit and Pali language, whose meaning is the city of the angels, as Thailand city is been full of royal palaces, incarnate god homes, immortal city, and it consist nine gems’ jewels of ancestors. That is why keeping the whole thing in mind, Bangkok's name has been given.
  • The Thailand land has been covered with more than 40,000 temples, which is why it has been identified as a land of temples.
  • Siam cats were first identified in Thailand; this species was founded Thailand in 1948. 
  • Thailand's country believes in the Buddhist religion; 90 percent of its population worships the Buddha Statue.
  • In the past, it was a belief that all the men who would turn the age of 20 would be monks of Buddhism, infecting the royal family. Men will also be active participants in this religious process.
  • All the statues of Buddha have been made will gold; each statue holds a weight of 5.5 tons.
  • The language Thai holds 76 letters in its alphabets; it can be used in 5 different ways of tone language; it holds 44 letters of consonants and 32 letters of vowels in their alphabets.
  • The Orchid flower has been declared as a national flower of Thailand country.
  • The famous energetic drink Red Bull has been first prepared in Thailand. A non-carbonated energy drink was first prepared by Chloe, in 1970.
  • A fun fact regards Thailand; no driver can drive a car without their shirts, has it been identified as an illegal practice by the Thailand embassy.
  • Bangkok is the most tourist visiting the place, it has been the hottest and luxurious city of visiting; it has sea beaches. But the temperature is also quite high in this location as it has been covered with desert lands.

Thailand Currency

In the past, Thailand's country used as a legal exchanging source of money as a baked clay coin. In the king Mongkut rules, the Thailand country discovers a diplomatic relation with foreign western traders, where the Thailand merchants have to use a proper emblem exchange monetary as their mode of exchanging, from that era, only the Thailand embassy has established Thai Baht as their legal monetary currency. The Thai Baht currency was first established and issued in the banks of Thailand country, and now Thai Baht is the 10th most ranked useable currency across the whole world.

Its esteem value has been defined as per the Indian country currency value is 1 Thai Baht equals 2.26 Indian Rupee. The Thailand embassy always suggests the tourist use the cash facilities as their exchanging mode, as most of the time digital modes of payments are not been useable in every derived place, and should not use the ATM mode to cover the money value as it does not give an appropriate value exchange rate.


Thailand Visa

The Lithuania Nationals are not been required to obtain a Thailand visa, as the Thailand embassy has declared facts that from the year 2019, the Lithuania Nationals is enjoying a free visa entry, with the free visa the allotted time of traveling is 30 days, and after that, if the travelers want a longer trip, then they have to appeal for a visa application.

If the candidate appeals for a visa after their free period ends then they will be given a 60 days minimum offering period. For the long term, they will be given 180 days span. For the very reasons only a single visa has been allotted to travelers, all the multiple types have been currently unavailable. 

Keep a note all the visa type changes and extension period must be done before the trip as after reaching Thailand land no changes can be obtained.

Thailand Visa Online

Thailand visa forms are available to apply, but to book a visa from some authorized site it is very important, to visit tourist visa online site for flexible and fast visa service. The customers who have taken the visa service from this site have given good feedback. The site assigned good customer service and also provided a helpline number on the site for the customers in case of any queries.

The application process is also simple,

  • Select the traveling location along with their current location and nationality option
  • A page with details will be opened 
  • Go through all the visa types options
  • Choose an appropriate visa according to your necessity
  • Fill out the application form and complete the payments
  • Submit the visa form within 24 hours, your application will be started to process.

The tourist visa online site visa approval is genuine; it stores and secures all the individual information so that it cannot be misspelled; it delivers the visa within 48 hours after the visa has been processed.


Requirements For Thailand Visa

  • The vacationer must provide the original Passport needful 
  • The photograph necessary of the vacationist is mandatory for recognition by the Thailand embassy.
  • The vacationist before traveling must obtain an immigration letter from the foreign immigrant officer.
  • All the personal and financial information regarding the traveler must be presented.
  • The vacationist must have a proper health check-up and examination before traveling to Thailand.
  • Bank account transactions records are necessary along with the booking details of flights and reservation of hotel evidence.
  • The vacationer must have travel insurance
  • Id citizenship of the vacationist is needful
  • The vacationist must not have any crime evidence.

Apply Thailand Visa

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