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If you are a foreign national who wants to stay in Thailand for more than 5 years. Then foreign nationals prefer to obtain Elite Visa. The Thailand Elite Visa or the Thailand Elite Visa Card is the best alternative for tourists or visitors from a foreign country. The Thailand Elite Visa membership allows the holder to enjoy long-term and extended periods of stay in the country. This is the official document issued by the foreigners who are seeking to reside or live in-country for a long duration. The Elite Visa for Thailand is issued to foreign citizens who hold special or privileged card membership for Thailand.

Visitors with Elite Visa gain privileged entry into the country. The Elite Visa is the type of tourist visa. The members of the Elite Visa Card are treated and welcome charmingly every time applicants enter the country. Foreign nationals holding Elite visa cards are also eligible to apply for Elite Privileged Entry Visa. 


Information about Elite Visa

  • Foreign nationals can apply for a particular type of stay validity visa for Thailand elite visa according to the package and visa fee. You are free to apply for 5 years, 10 years, and 20 years elite visas.
  • The elite visa is the multiple entries renewable type of visa. This type of visa can also be extended for another 1 year which can be done at each entry.
  • The elite visa holders have to report to the immigration office after 90 days. But the applicants of valid elite visa don't have to leave the country the procedure can be carried out inside the country.
  • Special greetings at the flight and also at the time of departure.
  • The special service of expedited immigration at the airport.
  • The special service of proper and secured passport control.
  • Business connectivity and facilities like driving license.
  • Enjoy special offers and discounts at restaurants, hotels, gift shops, etc.

Eligibility for Thailand Elite Visa

  • Foreign citizens looking for an easy way to hold immigration visa to Thailand.
  • There are no age restrictions to obtain Elite Visa for Thailand.
  • Applicants applying for an exclusive package, the ultimate privileged membership for Elite Visa. Then the minimum age should be at least 20 years.
  • Applicants are only eligible if they haven't overstayed on an expired visa for Thailand.
  • No criminal records.
  • Applicants of Elite visa should be mentally fit and should have enough funds.


The process to apply for Thailand elite visa

  • Applicants need to send the request for Elite membership. Applicants of Elite visa have to send a copy of their national passport. Applicants can apply for Thailand elite visa from inside or outside the country.
  • The applicants will also require to send the elite visa application form. The form should be submitted to the elite visa agent of Thailand. 
  • The elite visa Thai agent will send your form and passport copy to the Thailand elite visa department and immigration department.
  • The ministry of foreign affairs in Thailand will check the applicant's criminal background and eligibility to apply for an Elite visa.
  • The applicants will be asked to pay the elite visa membership fees only if their application is approved. The membership fee for Elite membership differs according to the package selection.
  • After the completion of payment from a bank or by online transaction, you will become an elite member. Applicants for Thailand elite visa will get the membership ID. And the approved members will also receive further information about Elite visa procedures.
  • Foreign nationals can receive their issued Thailand elite visa in two ways. Either they can visit the nearby Thailand embassy. The elite visa applicants will be asked to submit their passports. And collect their passport and approved elite visa on the next day.  Or you can simply issue your Thailand elite visa after reaching the Suvarnabhumi Airport in the country.

Elite Visa fee

There are many special and exclusive packages available for Thailand's elite visa.

  • Elite easy access- The visa fee for the Elite easy access package is 600,000 baht. This is mostly issued for foreign nationals looking for 5 years validity package.
  • Elite Family Excursion-  The visa fee for the Elite Family excursion package is 800,000 Thai baht. The validity of an elite visa for this package is only 5 years. Only two members and extra family members, applicants will need to pay the extra visa fee.
  • Elite Family Alternative- The visa fee for Elite Family Alternative package is 800,000. The elite membership validity stays for almost 10 years.
  • Elite Privilege Access- The package fee for Elite Privilege Access is 1,000,000 Thai Bhatt. The elite visa for Elite Privileged access is 5 years and it can be renewed for another 5 years. 
  • Elite Superiority Extension- The package  of Elite Superiority Extension is  1 million Thai baht.  The elite visa superiority extension stays valid is 20 years.
  • Elite Ultimate Privilege- The cost of the Elite Ultimate Privilege package for 20 years is 2.14 million Thai baht. Applicants selecting this package also have to pay yearly fees of 21,400 Thai baht
  • Elite Family Premium-  The package fee for Elite Family Premium is 1 million Thai baht. Additional a 10,000 Thai baht annual fee needs to be paid.



For foreigners, the Thailand Elite Visa is the special visa that comes under the Thailand tourist visa category. Foreigners staying in the country with elite visas are not required to pay income tax.

Apply Thailand Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

The processing time for the Elite visa application form can vary from one month to three months.

The Elite Visa validity is 5 years, therefore you can Stay in the country for more than three years.

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