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Ethiopian citizens who require a Thailand visa can now do so through Tourist Visa Online. Providing a range of visas right from business to tourism to other types, you can definitely now apply for a Thailand visa for Ethiopian citizens. This means now Ethiopian citizens need not go to an embassy to get their Thailand visa issued. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am from Ethiopia and I am traveling from my place to Thailand then will it become necessary for me to obtain a Thailand visa before I go?

A. Being a country that can access to the Thailand e visa which you can apply for through an online process, you definitely need to apply for a visa before going to Thailand. However, due to the easy method of obtaining this visa, you need not stress about the Thailand visa policies and Thailand visa requirements.

Q. Can I enter Thailand after getting a Thailand visa for an Ethiopian citizen?

A. Only getting the Thailand visa for Ethiopian citizens is not enough, you must also meet some criteria in order to enter Thailand. The criteria that an Ethiopian citizen needs to follow are as given below:

  • A Thailand visa which is valid.

  • A valid flight ticket which you will be taking to go to Thailand

  • A proof which states that there are sufficient funds that will help you get through your tourism or business purposes in Thailand. 

  •  An address of the sponsor should be shown to gain entry into Thailand or you can also show the hotel booking where you will spend the rest of the days in Thailand.

These requirements being completed will help you get past the border of Thailand and you can go on with your journey.

Q. Is it necessary that I provide the travel itinerary while submitting my hotel booking proof or just the booking proof is enough?

A. While there are some airports where the travel itinerary will be asked for security reasons, most of the airports won’t really ask for such information and hence only hotel booking proof will be enough for getting past the borders of Thailand.

Q. What is the fee that an Ethiopian citizen must pay for the Thailand visa while applying through tourist visa online?

A. An Ethiopian citizen applying for a Thailand visa must pay a fee of 50.0 USD and a service fee will be included which will be 26.0 USD.  

Q. If an Ethiopian citizen pays the fee for the visa through tourist visa online then do they still need to pay an additional fee when they arrive at the airport?

A. While the amount you pay through tourist visa online is only for the visa processing and the service fee combined, you also need to pay at the border of Thailand for entering the country. This means that an Ethiopian citizen might need to pay a total of 2000 baht on arriving in Thailand. However, to promote the e visa services it was decided by the government to waive off these fees only till the 31st of May 2020. Once past this date, the citizens of Ethiopia who enter Thailand need to pay an additional fee at the border. 

Q. What are the advantages that an Ethiopian citizen gets while applying through tourist visa online?

A. While applying through tourist visa online you can get the following advantages:

1. No errors:

One of the things that most people worry about is the error that occurs while processing the visa. You need not worry about any errors as the overall visa will be checked by a highly qualified panel of experts. 

2. Fast visa approval:

You can get your visa approved faster and as soon as the visa is approved you can also get the visa supplied through the mail without having to go anywhere.

3. Full time open the Thailand visa online application:

You need not worry whether its Sunday or Monday or Tuesday! Every day you will be able to access the application form without any discrepancies, and if any trouble does occur the “contact us” option will also be open and available for you. 

4. Easy form available:

With a simple and easy-to-fill form at your service, you can easily fill-up the form without any help from others. The documents required are also far lesser than the ones that you would need to provide if you would apply for it through an offline method. 

With all of these advantages right in front of you, you won’t really be disappointed in your choice of applying through Tourist Visa Online! Now you can get access to Thailand visa for Ethiopian citizens and got to explore the wonders of Thailand calling you for an adventure!

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