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With the benefit of being on the list of 21 countries that are eligible for a Thailand visa through an online method, citizens of Maltese can now have their hands on the opportunity to gain a Thailand visa for Malta passport holders. This means no more getting out of the house and getting a Thailand visa at the comfort of your own house! 

With the government and the kingdom going hand in hand in Thailand you can watch a lot of unique things which are specific to Thailand alone. A person visiting Thailand is most fond of the climate and is a total astonishment for those first-timers who will be packing their bags for a trip to Thailand. To experience this once in a lifetime opportunity Maltese citizens might not want to miss their chances now, right? Well, we at Tourist Visa Online work for the exact same dream of yours to come true!!



Q. Is there any compulsion that a person from Malta who will be traveling to Thailand needs to carry a passport of their own and a visa as well?

A. It is a strict rule in Thailand that you need to follow while entering the kingdom. The Maltese person not only needs a passport but will also need to have a valid Thailand visa which will then gain entry for them. These both of the documents will be checked for their validity and if any details are found to be missing or are not valid then you might have to face some penalty charges which can also worsen to getting kicked out of the kingdom!

Q. How long will the Thailand visa for Maltese citizens allow them to stay?

A. A Maltese citizen after having a hold of a Thailand visa can stay for 15 days. This visa which is for not more than 15 days will be based on a single entry and those people who leave the kingdom within this time period will not b allowed entry on the same visa and can only re-enter if they have issued a new visa with a new validity.

Q. Is the validity counted from the day a Maltese citizen receives the mail or is it from the entry?

A. A visa will have a month’s validity after you get the visa through email. However, this will not be counted as the validity of the stay. This will only be the date by which you must enter. Any entry into Thailand after this date may be invalid and will no longer be processed. So you need to make sure that you enter Thailand within a month after receiving the mail. Also, the 15 days that will be counted for the stay will only be counted after you make an entry into Thailand.

Q. Why would a Maltese citizen want to take a Thailand visa through an online method and not when they can do so after reaching the airport?

A. While taking a visa at the airport might actually feel much easier for a Maltese citizen, it is not really true. The line that you need to wait to just get the visa formalities completed is no joke!! You literally might have to stay in the airport for at least 4 hours to get the entire process completed. Now that is what you can call a ‘waste of time’. So just to know that this waste of time is actually saved when you apply through an online method, a Maltese citizen might actually have benefits as well when they apply through the online medium. 

Q. Are there any formalities that a Maltese citizen might have to undergo when they receive the visa through the mail?

A. When a Maltese citizen gets the Thailand visa through the mail all they have to do is take a print out and get a hard copy of it. As this is a copy that will be checked at the border. Also, there are no such formalities that a Maltese citizen needs to undergo like going to the embassy to get it checked or using a private agent to go through the visa. All of the checking and the verification are done at tourist visa online itself and hence you need not worry about them!

 Q. Is it that only one Maltese citizen can apply for the visa through an application form?

A. There are no such restrictions when you apply for a Thailand visa through tourist visa online as you can take as many as 10 applicants under one application form and hence you can do apply for your Maltese fellow citizens or friends without worrying about a thing! One thing that you need to always keep in mind while filling in the application will be that you are supposed to possess all of the required documents or the application form cannot proceed.

Thailand visa for Malta passport holders has hence become an easy document to access and you need not travel miles just to get one single paper of this document!

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