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Mauritius is now allowed to access the Thailand visa for Mauritius citizens and why can’t they, when they have been enlisted on the eligible countries list by the Government of Thailand. This opportunity has only been provided to 19 countries and which is why letting go of this will be quite a shame! Not only is it quite simple to apply for one but you can easily go through all of the steps very easily. We will now discuss how there are some questions that seem to arise in the minds of those filling in the application form for Thailand visa.



Q. What importance does Thailand visa hold for a Mauritius citizen?

A. Thailand visa is definitely of the utmost importance for a Mauritius citizen who wishes to visit Thailand. This means that no entry is allowed into Thailand without this document and hence before going to Thailand each and every person who wishes to visit Thailand must tick this document off their checklist. 

Q. What are the other things that a Mauritius citizen must take care of while applying for a Thailand visa?

A. While applying for a Thailand visa can be quite easy there are some things that cannot be missed! As missing these documents can lead to some serious trouble. The things you must add to the checklist would be as follows:

  • While having a visa document is a must, there also needs to be a Mauritius citizen’s passport which has to be valid for at least a month so that a Mauritius citizen can enter Thailand. If you do not have a passport then issuing of visa is not possible. Basically, you cannot travel from one place to another!

  • A digital copy of the hotel bookings done in Thailand by a Mauritius citizen is a must in the list of documents. This copy will prove where you will be staying in the 15 day period time.

  • A picture that portrays the Mauritius citizen’s clear face should also be sent in as a digital copy so that while identifying them at the border through the visa will not be complicated!

  • If you need to pay the visa then you might as well keep the payment form ready along with the device on which you might recipe the OTP. If these are kept beside you while filing in the form, the application process will be completed within minutes.

  • Make sure you have a working mail address before you sent the link of the same. If there are found some problems with the mail then do enquire about it, as if there are some problems then you might not be able to access the visa.

Keeping these things in mind while applying will help you tread through the process almost instantly!

Q. During the stay in Thailand, can a Mauritius citizen apply for a new visa through an online method?

A. While the extension of the visa is not possible, a new visa also cannot be applied for while staying in the country. For you to apply for a new visa it is a must rule that you need to exit the country if not the visa that you will be applying for will not be valid. Only after you exit and re-enter will the new visa be valid.

Q. Which site can a Mauritius citizen go to, to apply for a Thailand visa?

A. With an easy and simple structure of application form, a lot of Mauritius might want to go to Here you can easily apply for a visa and sit back to get the visa right on time being delivered to you.

Q. Is there a price I need to pay while applying for a Thailand visa through Tourist Visa Online?

A. Yes, there are some charges which you need to pay for the completion of the application process. A Mauritius might have to pay 50.0 USD for the Thailand visa and there would be an additional charge of 26.0 USD that needs to be closed along with the visa fee.

Q. If I am a Mauritius citizen who is currently in Thailand and now wishes to go back to Mauritius, do I need to take a new Thailand visa?

A. A Thailand visa is only for entry and exit into that particular country and there is no such rule that you need to have a new Thailand visa while going back to your hometown. You going back to your hometown will not need a visa as you are a citizen of that country and you are already registered over there. A visa is only for those countries where you have not officially been recorded.

Q. Is there an embassy of Thailand in Mauritius and if yes where?

A. Yes, there definitely is an embassy of Thailand in Mauritius. You can reach them at the following address:

Consulate of Thailand in Mauritius, 5 Duke of Edinburgh Avenue, Port Louis, Mauritius. 

Do not forget to take the Thailand visa for Mauritius citizens with you and also be sure that you do check the whole checklist before you confirm your trip to Thailand!

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