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Obtaining a Thailand visa for Saudi Arabian citizens is now possible with a single day’s work! This opportunity is truly something that you might obtain only once and visiting Thailand has now become a craze than ever. With a lot of tourists flooding in for business and tourism equally, Thailand is now climbing up the popularity stairs faster. This being said, Saudi Arabians can definitely acquire a visa without having to move their leg as much, well, moving leg might just be to change your sitting posture. Apart from that you need not even take a single step out of your house! Well, this might change if you have to go to Thailand!


Q. If a Saudi Arabian citizen is wishing to go to Thailand what is the most important thing that he needs to carry?

A. Apart from a checklist which includes all the places you have decided to go to, the most important thing is a Thailand visa. This is and will be the only way you can enter Thailand. While traveling from one country to another might not be quite a big deal, it is the visa policies that you need to comply with that takes a bit of courage.

Q. Is it necessary for a Saudi Arabian citizen to follow all the Thailand visa policies?

A. Thailand’s visa policies are equally important as the rules being set in Thailand. Just like when you enter a specific country you need to follow its rules, the same way you need to follow these visa policies so that you get through an easy way into the country.

Q. What will happen if a Saudi Arabian does not follow visa policies?

A. In case a Saudi Arabian does not follow the visa policies which has been stated as per the government, such as, it is important that the passport has at least one month of validity and if this is not followed by a Saudi Arabian citizen then the entry will straight away get canceled.

Q. What is the type of visa that a Saudi Arabian can apply for?

A. There are a lot of types of visas available all of which can be flexible with your requirements. However, the most applied visa is for a 15-day tourist visa. 15 days is the time for which a Saudi Arabian citizen having this visa can stay. 

Q. Where will this Thailand visa be used after getting it through the mail?

A. After a Saudi Arabian citizen gets the Thailand visa through a mail, it is expected of them to get a hard copy of the same. This is the visa along with the passport which will be shown at the checkpoint on the borders.

Q. What happens to a Saudi Arabian citizen who has shown the visa at the border?

A. A Saudi Arabian who shows the visa at the border will be asked for the purpose of his or her visit and if it is found to be for a valid reason then an entry will be permitted and if a Saudi Arabian citizen fails to answer this question the visa will be canceled and there are no chances of getting in the country. After verification of the purpose, this visa will be stamped onto the passport where you need to have a blank space of at least 3 pages. 

Q. I have heard that if a Saudi Arabian person needs to enter Thailand he or she might have to sow a fund balance of 10,000 baht, is this true?

A. As a part of the entry requirements stated by the government, it is a must that you need to show a copy of the funds that state you have at least 10,000 baht in your account if you are traveling as a solo person and if you have your family with you, then the amount will be 20,000 baht. 

Q. I have a photo of me which I took a year back. Will it be okay if I attach this picture to the visa application form?

A. While attaching a picture is necessary while filling in an application form, it is important that you attach a picture which is taken only about 6 months before the application is done. This is to ease the identification process at the border. As a picture from about a year back can be quite confusing. 

Q. The Thailand visa for Saudi Arabians is free of cost, then is there a need for me to pay through tourist visa online?

A. It is true that a visa is free of cost and this is only if it is a visa on arrival. While the advantage is that you need not pay money for the visa, one of the disadvantages can be that you would have to wait in line for about 3 to 4 hours to get a visa assigned to you. That would not be beneficial in any way, which is why paying through tourist visa online will not only ensure speedy delivery of the visa but also no need for queues.

With such simple tips to follow, Thailand visa for Saudi Arabian citizens is quite easy to get nowadays! 

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