thailand visa for ukrainian citizens tips to apply easily online

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Having about 19 countries that can access to the Thailand online visa, getting a Thailand visa for Ukrainian citizens is possible and has gotten simpler than ever! With only about a few of the steps that need to be followed and a few documents that need to be kept ready in order to obtain the visa, this visa obtaining method is rather simple and can be followed easily. Tourist visa online also makes it such that no person feels like it is a hard thing to apply for a visa or so. 



Q. Is Thailand visa an important document for a Ukrainian citizen when going to visit Thailand for the first time?

A. Well not only for the first time but also for all the times when a Ukrainian citizen decided to go to Thailand a Thailand visa is a must. Entry is for sure not possible if you do not have a hold of this document. Just like you need to have an ID card in order to enter your school, this visa acts as a document which allows entry into Thailand. 

Q. But will it be possible for a Ukrainian who doesn’t have an internet connection to take this Thailand visa?

A. One of the main criteria to have a Thailand visa applied online is to have a steady internet connection. If this is not available then applying for one is not possible, as the application form can only be submitted if you have an internet connection and a device that will support it.

Q. Does the application get rejected if a Ukrainian citizen does not have passport information being filled in it?

A. If you are traveling then it is a must that you have a passport. This passport is an identity of a Ukrainian citizen when leaving the country. This information as you might have already seen on the application form is a must and hence without this information, the application form remains invalid. This is exactly why you need to give out the information if not your application form might as well get canceled.

Q. Is there a service that will provide a Ukrainian citizen an instant Thailand visa?

A. While visas are documents that need quite a lot of time for processing and validity checking, the visa can also be available within a short time period of 2 days. However, this comes with an additional costing added to the otherwise standard visa fee. 

Q. What is the visa fee that I need to pay for an express service of visa through tourist visa online?

A Ukrainian citizen needs to pay a total of 50.0 USD which will be for the visa and apart from this if a Ukrainian citizen wishes to apply for a visa within 2 days then you need to pay 200 USD as the service fee. 

Q. What are the steps that a Ukrainian citizen needs to do in order to apply for a Thailand visa?

A. The steps to apply for a Thailand visa are quite simple to be followed by a Ukrainian citizen and can be given as follows:

  • The first step will be mentioning the nation you are a citizen of.

  • The second step will have a Ukrainian citizen selecting the type of visa which in most cases will be a 15 days tourist visa.

  • The third step will be the attachment of documents along with the filling in of the form which will take quite a few minutes.

  • The fourth step will be paying a sum of 50.0 USD along with the service fee of 26.0 USD through a suitable online method.

  • The fifth and the last step will be to sit back and have a track of how the visa will be processed. 

Once the entire set of steps is done and submitted, all you need to do is wait for a mail that will contain the visa in a PDF format which will be downloadable. 

Q. Some mistakes were made by me while filling in the form for Thailand visa. Will I be charged extra while I cancel this application?

A. While the canceling of the application will not be charged, you can always apply for another one in case any mistakes happen to occur. This will be taken into consideration while you submit the form. All you would have to do is just enter the details right again and submit them. The rest will be handled by us at tourist visa online. 

Now that you know all about how to apply for a Thailand visa and how the whole process taking place, you might as well get a Thailand visa for Ukrainian citizens of your own!

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