Thailand visa for US permanent resident

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If you are planning to get a Thailand visa for a US permanent resident then this article is for you. We are going to tell you all the avenues you will have to apply for the visa and how you can visit without getting a visa at all.

Thailand as a country has a lot of scope for business since it is bustling with people from all over the world. It is one of the most travelled countries on the entire planet, due to its tourist attractions.

A travel agency such as tourist visa online, will not only help you apply and obtain the visa but also help you with tour plans, transportation etc.

This South-East Asian country has tens of millions of visitors every year. There are exotic beaches with luxurious resorts and hotels alongside them, which also serves some of the amazing food 

The country’s nightlife is one of the most famed parts of tourism; you can watch the sunset, pub crawl and take a stroll on the Pattaya walk. There are many beach bars, clubs and even full moon parties. 

For day time entertainment, there are many world renowned museums as well as local markets that sell hand crafted goods. Since Buddhism is a major religion, there are also temples spread throughout the country, in major cities as well as outskirts.   

Continue reading the article below to find out everything you need to know about getting a Thailand visa for US residents.



The Thai visa application from US stands to get rejected if you have not applied for the right type of visa. If your visit serves a financial interest then you cannot apply for a tourist visa and vice versa.

Therefore, we have listed all the types of visas below. Applicants can choose the one best suited for them, after discussing it with their travel agencies.

  • Tourist

If you wish to enter the country as a tourist, then a short term tourist visa is the best. It can be either for 15 days or 30 days. 


  • Transit

If you are just passing through the country, for a connecting flight or a layover, and you have a few hours to explore then a transit visa is the best option.

  • Business

This kind of a Thai visa application from US resident will be applicable for those who are visiting the country after an invitation from a Thai company or organisation. You will need to submit a special letter of invitation at the time of application.  

Application Methods

There are two major methods to obtain a visa for anywhere and not just a visa to Thailand for a US resident:


Visa on arrival

For those visitors who do not need to apply for a visa beforehand, they can get the visa issued at the international airport or land border at the time of arrival.

The people arriving will also have to present vaccination certificates and pass a negative Covid 19 screening process on the airport premises.

Online application 

Alternatively, if you hire a travel agency like tourist visa online then go to their online application page. You can pull up the form from the homepage and fill it.

Submit the online visa fee and attach the documents with it. After the final submission, you will have to wait for about a week after which it will be emailed to you. 

Apply Thailand Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

When getting a Thai visa for a US resident, the difference in citizenship and residency is important. A permanent resident will have to use the passport of the country they are originally a citizen of, for the application.

The country has a visa exception list of 64 countries, if your country of origin is on the list, then you can stay in Thailand for a period of 30 days as a tourist.

If the country of your original passport has been exempted then you will not need a visa for a short stay. However, being a resident of the US does not mean anything in this situation.

Yes, agencies like tourist visa online can start begin and finish the application process for you. They will email the visa to the applicant once it is processed.

A regular visiting Thai visa for US citizens will cost $50 for a single entry option.

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