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The Turkey visa requirements need to be followed by every foreign national intending to visit Turkey. The Turkey visa for Armenia nationals is needed regardless of the purpose of the visit. The relationship between Armenia and Turkey is very friendly. More than thousands of visitors and travelers visit Turkey for various purposes. Armenia nationals visiting Turkey can get a relevant visa. The visa type they will need to apply for will differ according to the reason to visit Turkey. Turkey provides e-visa facilities for many countries. The e-Visa facility is the best option to get Visa for Turkey in time. 


Turkey electronic visa for Armenia nationals

Visitors and tourists planning to enter the Republic of Turkey can get visas online. Turkey's electronic Visa is available for Armenian nationals. The Turkey electronic visa is issued for tourism, leisure, travel, and commerce reason. Turkey's electronic visa is the digital authorization provided to foreign nationals. This online visa for Turkey can be used to enter foreign nationals to Turkey by air, land, and water. Armenia nationals have a second option to getting the visa for Turkey from the embassy. But, it is recommended to avoid it because it is time-consuming and an elaborative process. Turkey's electronic visa processing time is less than the time it will take to gain it from the embassy. Armenia nationals can apply for Turkey online visa from Turkey or any part of the world. Armenian nationals should apply for Turkey electronic visa if they are visiting the country for business and travel reasons.

Validity And Multiple Entry

The Turkey electronic visa can be used for one month by the citizens of Armenia. The visa for Turkey obtained online for one month will allow multiple entries into the country. Armenian citizens can also get a 90 days visa to Turkey.


How to get Turkey electronic visa online?

Armenia nationals can get the Turkey electronic visa by visiting webpage Tourist visa online. Armenia nationals can get relevant countries visas on this site. Applicants will need to follow simple instructions and provide personal information. Armenian nationals should also need to have a valid passport to fill the form. A few simple steps applicants should follow while applying for an online visa for Turkey are:

  • Fill in the information for Turkey electronic visa form cautiously without any mistake. 
  • Apply for Turkey electronic visa with a proper internet connection. 
  • Upload clear digital images of the documents (passport, photo, etc) in the next step.
  • Clear the online transaction. Pay the Turkey online visa cost by using a debit card or credit card. 
  • Approved visa for Turkey will be sent on Armenian E-mail ID.

The rejection of Turkey's electronic visa is less. Armenian nationals can submit their Turkey visa form again after rejection. The visa application for Turkey is only denied due to valid  like misinformation, missing documents, etc. Armenian nationals should have three documents while applying for Turkey electronic visa:

  • Passport
  • Email ID
  • Photo

Turkey Entry Requirements For Armenians 

  • Turkey visa
  • Valid passport
  • Return flight tickets
  • Purpose of visit
  • Travel itinerary
  • Minimum funds to survive in Turkey



Armenia nationals will be amazed by the beauty and rich cultural heritage of Turkey. Turkey with the majority of people who follow Islam is home to some wonderful mosques. The Hagia Sophia Mosque built is one of the oldest beautiful buildings in Istanbul, Turkey around AD 537. This place is also referred to as the Church of Holy Wisdom and is one of the greatest buildings in the world. Another famous tourist spot is the mighty ruins of Ephesus. Which is one of the famous ancient cities in the Mediterranean region and is depict the past of the roman empire. Patara beach, a 14 km long sand beach and the best place for tourist to spend their holidays. The Turkey cotton castle "Pamukkale" is made up of white terraces and sedimentary rock. A few more tourist spots which visitors should travel to are Bodrum Castle, Aspendos Theatre, Mount Nemrut, Blue Mosque, Kabak bay, etc. 


Turkey visa for Armenia nationals must be obtained to get entry to the country legally. The turkey visa will not ensure the Armenia national's entry through immigration points.

Apply Turkey Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

PCR COVID 19 negative results of the foreign nationals visiting Turkey will be required.

  • Foreign nationals should fill out a Travel entry to visit Turkey.
  • COVID vaccination certificate

The Armenia nationals holding official passports should also obtain the Turkey visa and meet the other entry requirements.

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