Steps to Apply Turkey Visa For China Nationals

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Turkey And China

Turkey and China officially established and formed a relationship in the period 1934 when China is been declared a republic country. when the turkey embassy looks for the PRC representation which legally follows the China policy. China for the comforts declared that they will form an embassy in Ankara which was the territorial land of turkey. China is been founded that she been the legal partner of the shanghai organization were on the other hand turkey been only the natter partner. With the considering termination and diversification turkey and China's relations are been still maintained. Though China's rising population is creating a problem for their country, for that reason many of them are moving and migrating to turkey land.

China were been disturbed by the conflicts of Uyghurs, which residing their population badly. But though despite these conflicts from the recent facts of studies we can covey that the turkey embassy has concluded to sign a defense alliance agreement for protecting themselves from ant bilateral disclosing issues. 

Turkey and China's economic conditions are impressive, and both the countries are tourist attractive places of visiting.


Travel To Turkey Visa

For traveling to turkey country, you must be known what is available visa types are been applicable for the application process especially in this pandemic covid atmosphere. 

Visa Types

What Are Its Requirements

Available Or Not

Tourist Visa 

  Normally this type has been offered for the tourist

  • Passport records
  • Candidate own color Image 
  • Immigrant letter

Available for apply

Business Visa 

Normally this type has been offered for the business owners or entrepreneurship

  • Passport records
  • Candidate own color Image 
  • Business tycoon paper records
  • Qualifications documents

Not available for apply

Transit Visa 

Normally this type has been offered for entering the foreign country, whenever a traveler needs to break their journey

  • Passport records
  • Candidate own color Image 
  • Current visa type which the candidate is carrying for their traveling in some foreign land

Available for apply

Employee Visa 

Normally this type has been offered for the employees, workers, who want to get a permit of work in turkey

  • Passport records
  • Candidate own color Image
  • Qualifications documents
  • Employee card is needed

Not available for apply

Labor Visa 

For a foreigner who works in some unauthorized sector workers especially those who work at factory, industry, for them this visa is required.

  • Passport records
  • Candidate own color Image
  • Along with that labor card id required

Available for apply

Work Visa 

A work visa is quite similar to an employment visa, but only permanent workers of some corporate firms can use this visa type.

Not available for apply

Visitor Visa 

  Visitor for a short-term visit uses this visa type

Available for apply

Diplomatic Visa 

This has been only offered to highly officer executives, and higher diplomates for their traveling purpose.

  • Passport records are required along with the visa type.

Available for apply

Health Visa 

For those who are been recommended from some foreign treatment, this visa type is required

  • Passport records
  • Doctors or firm recommended letter
  • And treatment details

Available for apply

Student Visa 

The students get this opportunity to gain academic education from some foreign country, by applying for this visa type

  • Passport records
  • Candidate own color Image
  • Along with-it an invitation letter is required

Not available for apply

Residence Visa 

This has been offered to those foreign travelers who want to settle in the foreign land permanently.

  • Passport records
  • Candidate own color Image
  • Sufficient economy is required along with the green visa

Available for apply

Visa On Arrival 

This has been given by the turkey embassy for traveling purposes.

Available for apply

Turkey Economy

The turkey economy has an emulsified growth in the last few years, and it has been referred to as the international organization bodies of monetary fund’s associations. Turkey country has developed itself in such a manner that it has been newly identified as the economist and Politian’s expressive industrialist county. Turkey country has improvised its country by exploiting the country's production to other countries and gains a large number of economic uplifts.

For the production of agricultural imperium, textile, motor vehicles equipment’s, transportation materialism, electronic material productions, and customized material equipment’s this leads to other countries exporters attractions, which faced a profitable economy for the turkey country.

The turkey economy is been a notified cause as its GDP rates were increasing and can vitalize the rising inflation in their economy.

  • The turkey embassy interconnection with other countries for the foreign exchanges has improvised their economic status.
  • The turkey embassy has taken measures to specialist those productions which can earn them a great percentage of economic interest.
  • Fixed agreements with those well-established organizations will help to uplifts their economy in a better way.


Turkey Visa

The China nationalist was not able to enter the turkey land without a visa. Even they are traveling for a shorter duration of the period. The visa after being issued is only been valid for 180 days, the travelers can lengthen their visiting duration for a time of 30 days, and if they want to extend their lengthening period, they can do so for 90 days.   

For security reasons, the travelers must pay their visa fees in advance. Both multiple and single visa types are been applicable for the usage purpose. The turkey embassy has announced that tourist cannot frequently change their visa condition after reaching the turkey land.


Turkey Visa Online

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Apply Turkey Visa

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