Steps to Apply Turkey Visa For Comoros Nationals

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Turkey News

  •  Yes, it is open but follows some restrictions, for travel guidance; please follow the listed diaries which the travelers need to know-

Some vaccinated and health examination reports which the travelers need to be shown for the traveling purpose-

  • If the candidate has done with the vaccination process, they can travel for the trip after 14 days.
  • If the candidate has acquired the RTPCR test and can travel within 72 hours, then they are allowed for the entry purpose.

If the turkey country has taken the complete vaccine dose, then no need to go for a quarantine process. This has been announced by the turkey embassy recently. Passengers aged below 12 years if not taken through the full vaccination process, then they can travel but are required to show the PCR reports.

  • For safety progression, the candidate must take 2 vaccinations; one is their primarily vaccinated dose and the other one should be a compulsory Johnson dose.
  • Those passengers who are required to go for a quarantine period will be kept in a separate isolating chamber.



  • For the risk factors, the airline's authorities have decided that candidates have to go for a PCR test again if they go for quarantine surveillance
  • The passenger is required to submit their self-declaration letter in the application form where they are applying for the visa type
  • The passenger who is willing for the visit must take the approval from the Ministry of Civil Aviation, as the emigrant letter is required for the airline's service head
  • Travel insurance is a required factor for a foreign trip
  • Only negative test reports are accepted for entry on the airline’s platforms.
  • This has been a pivoted decision taken up by the airports for particular circumstances.


  • Travelers are asked to scan their passport and visa details at the airport, provided scanner technologies to avoid contactless check-in, and easily the social distancing can be maintained
  • All the sanitation equipment has been installed as per the prescribed guidelines
  • The travelers are being requested to follow precautionary measures
  • Physical distance should be recursive and maintained by the passengers.
  • For respiratory breathing, the airlines have organized hygienic cylinders in the airplanes
  • Health protocols are its major concerts
  • The passenger may undergo genomic testing, those who are traveling via visa on arrival types
  • For the testing airlines are been charging separately from the passengers.


Turkey Food

Some of the traditional cuisines of Turkey which the traveler must try off they are-

  • Baklava- it was first discovered during the Ottoman Empire, and now it became the ironic food dish for the Turkish. this is mainly a sweet dish; it has been layered down with pastries, creams, nuts, garnished with sweet syrup and pistachios. it is a common dessert, especially found in the bakery stores of Turkey.
  • Sis Kebab-  it is the famous street food of Turkey. by its name you can predict it is made with meat and it been baked or grilled according to the customers choice; it been layer under a sandwich, with contains veggies, chopped pieces of lamb meats, baked fishes which are been tiny pieces down, and been layer with the kebab it is a quite mouth-watering dishes, eating one will fill your tummy partially.
  • Donor- it is mainly a famous traditional spicy soap, which is served as a dinner cuisine mainly consisting of herbs, veggies, small pieces of kebab. It has been seasoned with Turkish spices and to make it healthier it has been served with salads and bread.
  • Kofte- it is the meatballs, also a portion of famous street food, it been mainly offered as a snack with yogurts or mayonnaise but Turkish people also eat this during lunchtime with rice, salad, and roti. 

Turkey Visa

It has been officially announced by the Turkey embassy that the Comoros Nationals will only be allowed to enter the Turkey land with passport and visa valid records. That is why for the Comoros Nationals it has been necessary to apply for the visa type. For the Turkey Embassy initiatives, e-visa is now applicable to apply online. For the short interval of visit, the Comoros Nationals are offered 30 days. The Comoros Nationals can also extend their period up to 60 days.

The turkey embassy has passed a rule that visas on arrival will be offered to tourists only in emergency protocols. All the border entries have been ceased; travelers will only be getting the airport service. The tourist is not allowed to make any kind of changes after bonding to the turkey land.

Requirements For Turkey Visa

For the turkey visa requirement basis, the Comoros Nationals need to submit this paper of records-

  • The original documentary of traveler’s passport
  • At the same time, the travelers' color photographs are required.
  • If travelers hold any extra unused passport records, they must submit that too.
  • 2 blank papers are required to be obtained in the traveler’s passport.
  • Must carry 4 copies of color photographs while traveling
  • Immigrant or non-immigrant properties records need to be submitted
  • Health examination, along with the Current PCR test required to be carried out at the time of travel
  • Must keep a print of the complete visa application form
  • Clear all the visa required charges and payments
  • Personal details- like bank transaction passbook copy name, signature, location, house address of the visitor, and other citizenship proof.
  • Id card of the Comoros traveler is required


Turkey Visa Online

For the Turkey Embassy initiatives, e-visa is now applicable to apply online. Now, the question comes from which site the visitor should book their visa from. 

It has always been advised to book the visa from some well-known and mostly recommended sites. Firstly, it will be a verified site; the data which are given by the travelers will not be misused, and visas will be processed fast and, on the time, deliver the feature. For this requirement, you can visit the tourist visa online site, as this site has already fulfilled this requirement and at the same time it only assures countries genuine information on their site. The tourist visa online site has issued more than one million applications and maximized are happy customers.

So, book your visa from a tourist visa online site and get guaranteed visa approval.

Apply Turkey Visa

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