Steps to Apply Turkey Visa for Cyprus Nationals

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Cyprus is not an EU member and does not have official support in Turkey. However, the Cyprus Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on the other side, offers a list of documentation for Cypriot nationals who want to go to Turkey. Because Cyprus is not now a member of the Schengen Area, you will need to get a visa to travel to countries such as Turkey. However, the Turkish government has made it easier to apply for a tourist visa online in recent years. Here, we will explain how you can easily apply for a Turkish visa.


What is a Turkish visa

A Turkish visa is one of the most sought-after travel documents in the world. There are several types of Turkish visas, each having a specific purpose. The tourist visa is the most common form of Turkish visa.

A Turkish tourist visa authorizes a foreign citizen to visit a foreign nation for a certain time. This document is significant since it provides the person the required permission to visit the desired country. Most countries require any foreigner entering their territory to have a visa.

The role of a Turkish visa is to identify the person who wants to enter the nation and to manage the number of individuals who enter and leave the country. For example, if a Turkish visa says that it is a tourist visa, it means that the person is coming to Turkey as a tourist. However, if a Turkish visa says that it is a business visa, it means that the person is coming to Turkey for business.

How can I get a Turkey visa from Cyprus

Cyprus is a member of the European Union and the Schengen agreement, which permits the Cypriot people to travel visa-free to the majority of European nations. Despite this, Cyprus citizens still need to apply for a Turkey visa if they wish to travel to Turkey. The Turkish visa policy is strict and this often leads to a lot of confusion among travelers who intend to visit the country. 

To visit Turkey, tourists from Cyprus have to apply for a Turkey visa online from their country. Also, they will need to submit a little documentation for the next turkey visa application. However, there is a lot of documentation involved in the application procedure, including the filled visa application form, an original passport copy, your passport size photos, proof of return flight ticket, proof of application fee, and so on.

It is important to mention that Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently launched an online visa application service for citizens of various countries. The citizens of Cyprus can use this service to apply for a Turkey visa from the comfort of their own homes. Cyprus's government has also approved the launch of an online visa application service for its nationals.

How long does it take to obtain a Turkish visa from Cyprus

If you are a Cypriot citizen, your visa application will take longer to process than other nationalities. As of 2017, there are no Cypriot passport holders on the list of countries where citizens do not have a visa. This implies you'll need to apply for a Turkish visa before crossing the border into Turkey.

It is important to note that to apply for a Cyprus tourism visa, the applicant must submit a complete application, so it is best to check that you have all the documents related to your visa application. To go to Turkey, you can also apply for a 90-day Turkey visa. It will take three to four days to process your visa application.


What is the cost of a Turkish visa for Cypriots

Cypriot nationals who are now looking to travel to Turkey can apply for a visa on arrival. It is important to mention that the Turkey visa application is permitted by the Cyprus government to allow residents of Cyprus to apply for a visa to travel to Turkey. 

Cyprus belongs to the European Union and it is also a member of its common visa policy, which means that Cyprus nationals do not need to apply for a visa to visit countries that are members of the European Union. Meanwhile, the EU has a visa exemption for the citizens of Turkey, which means that EU citizens do not have to apply for a visa. Cyprus is not part of the EU's visa exemption and, therefore, Cyprus nationals have to apply for an online visa application. The Turkey visa application costs 15 USD for a 90-day visa.



Cyprus is a popular island that is part of the European Union and with Turkish and Greek cultures, the island has a lot to offer. However, if you are a Cyprus national and want to visit Turkey, you would need to apply for a Turkey visa online. Since Turkey is not part of the Schengen Zone which Cyprus is a member of, you would need to apply for a visa for Turkey. 

In this section, we are describing how you can get your Turkey visa. We hope you found this information beneficial. If you have any queries regarding obtaining a visa to Turkey, you may take a guide here.

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