Steps to Apply Turkey Visa For Fiji Nationals

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Turkey Popular Places

Turkey has been a famous tourist spot. Tourists is been attracted to these places for many reasons- the beauty and gesture of its geographical climatic is diversifying. Turkey is mainly popular for its Istanbul city; its culture, tradition, specified temples, infrastructure heritages are the Turkey country's specialty. Most of its desired popular places to travel in Turkey are as followed-

  • Hagia Sophia – is a popular mosque building, it been localized in Istanbul city. It had been built in the era of Byzantine kingdom rule. Both men and women can visit the Lord Goddess. It has been interior-designed temple tourists are not allowed to take pictures inside the Hagia Sophia Mosque.
  • Ephesus- it has been the famous turkey city of antiquity; it has been the golden creation by the Roman ancestors; now it has been treated as the commercial and connectivity center for the trading’s. It consists of popular theaters, libraries, colossal monuments, cottages, sight-seeking beaches, etc. It has been known and popularly known as the marble-columned road.
  • Cappadocia- is a dream place for photographers, as it has cliff ridges which textures for the hot-air balloon ridings, it has hiking’s for the tour viewer, it consists of open-air museums, most of the population living in the Cappadocia are Christians, it been almost surrounded by hill stations, wonderful thrillers experience can be obtained here. 
  • Pamukkale- it has been the famous wonder of the turkey country; it has been dessert in such a manner that it has been viewed as the snowfield landscape, but indeed it is not. Most of the turkey trips specify in the Greco-Roman land field. In this city, the water is rich in minerals and it is the main significance of this country. It is a small village but much upgraded than a town.
  • Picturesque Antalya- It has been the beaches, it the bust and surrounding Mediterranean hubs, the appropriate place for spending holidays; it inherits ottoman mansions which have been an awesome exploring place. During summer the Picturesque Antalya sunsets are view heaven. It has been the center city of Turkey.
  • Yachts moored- it been located in the Fethiye city, here you will find coastal desireful view, mainly tourist likes to sun soaking in the beaches and water riding are also famous here.
  • Paragliding- it has been located in the Oludeniz land; it has been the common tourist spotting place; it also been the Istanbul famous beaches of enjoying riding and relaxing.
  • Turkey country other famous visiting tourist sports which will glorify as the most popular traveling place, they are Patara, Pergamum, Ani, Safranbolu, and Sumela Monastery. 


Is Fiji A Country

Fuji has been a republic and independent country; yes fuji is a country, but it has been signified as an island country, as is been surrounded by four sides with water bodies. Melanesia and New Zealand country is also been interconnected with the fuji country. Its main coastline areas are the Pacific Ocean. Its main source of income is industrial production, tourist traveling, main exporting of sugar cane. The Fuji country's majority island has been formed mainly by volcanic activity; the temperature here is moderate throughout, but on summer days its temperature reaches 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

It has been a developing country; it has an abundant amount of forestry, greenery, good water supply, good producers of garments. It has many connections with international organizations and invested in foreign exchanges which have grown its economy tremendously. Slowly, Fuji will become a recognized, well-developed country across the world.

Turkey Time 

Though both the countries have been recognized as tourist-attractive sports, both have special and separate significance. Fiji country holds a good trading relationship with the turkey country, which is a supportive measure for the turkey embassy economy, for their trading foreign relations. Turkey is slowly getting connected with the fuji countries, international bodies, and organizations. Now coming to the turkey countries time difference with fuji, then, it can be concluded that fuji country is 9 hours forwards from the turkey country.

Turkey Visa 

Do the fiji nationalists have been required to enter Turkey land with visas?

  • Yes, the fuji nationalist has to show the original documentary of visa and passport, for the entry purpose, the turkey embassy has passed the law that after visa sanction if the applicant visits the turkey land, then from their tourist cannot apply for a new visa type, cannot change the visa types, and cannot extends it period. With the turkey visa, the fuji nationalists are offered 30 days of visiting time, and for the maximum term, it can be extended up to 90 days.
  • Visa on arrival has been approved by the turkey embassy for the fuji nationalist
  • No multiple entry visa-type conditions has been allotted, for the fuji nationalist.


Turkey Visa Online

For the online booking purpose, you can visit the tourist visa online site, which is a visa booking platform, which assures the customers of guaranteed visa delivery. It informs only that information that has been verified by the site, all the recent and updated visa news can be found here. 24/7 help services are been provided by our site executors. We believe in transparency, so we facilities a live tracking so that it can be visualized what the visa progress is. The tourist visa online site delivers the visa within 48 hours after it has been processed. Must visit the tourist visa online site for more detailed information.

Turkey Visa Application

While the visa application process, you need to keep in mind what are the necessary documents that the candidates have to generate for the turkey visa-



  • Passport is a required factor for the fuji nationalist
  • Along with that, their image is required for identity proof.
  • Must get the immigrant letter copy from the emigrant head officers
  • Must provide the evidential bank transaction records
  • Health examination processing is mandatory for the traveler
  • Travel insurance documentary is mandatory for travel
  • Id, proof of the Fiji nationalist
  • Must clear the visa payment transaction
  • All the personal information of the nationalist must be provided.

Apply Turkey Visa

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