Steps to Apply Turkey Visa for Namibia Nationals

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Namibia is been an independent country and it has been border by the Atlantic oceans, Zambia, Zimbabwe. The Namibia country's capital city is Windhoek. It has been a country that consists of the pre-historic architect, their ancestor's last sign. It obtained a high population growth, and many minerals emissions such as gold, uranium, base metals. Its economical growth largely depends on its minerals exports. The Namibia embassy is trying to get connected with other international bodies so that Namibia can extend its territorial exchange.


Turkey Women

Due to some political conflicts and diplomats human rights and women's safety are been affected severely. It was a misinterpretation that the turkey embassy has signed out to provide any safety and declaration protection to the women, they clear out the statement that this was human rights conflicts no gender inequalities eradication. The turkey embassy has taken random actions from those family women who regularly face torture and cruelty regards not giving a satisfactory dowry. That is why in the turkey embassy initiatives the turkey embassy has started a movement to save the girls and women.

There were many contradictory views regards gender-based equalities, and importance, through a large conflict the women have gained an honor placed through the measures of the turkey embassy. Now the women who live in turkey or the foreigners who are living in turkey for work purposes are been given full political rights, in the turkey election constitution process women are been given the right to actively stand as parliament members and constitutional leaders throughout the election process. The turkey embassy passed a law that those women who will be the victims of rape and sexual harassment in public places will be given justice by hanging the death of those attackers.

  • Women are now been given rights to become an active participant in all the religious activities, though, in many temples of turkey, women are still not allowed to visit or given the rights to worship the lord buddha
  • The women are been given the facilities so that they can earn a proper education, child labor practice is been an illegal activity declared by the turkey embassy if any such activities are been founded the shop owner will be jailed and the child's family will also be punished.
  • Child marriage and forceful marriage is been the most punishable crime offenses matters as per the turkey embassy rules.
  • Now women are not only treated as homemakers but as active working women in society.

Turkey Nutrition Facts

While are you thinking that weather turkey will be a good place for traveling a spending holiday along with food consuming varieties, and nutrition’s food consumptions. Then it will be a very good idea to visit turkey as turkey is a wonderful place of visiting and obtaining many good and nutrition food variants which makes a complete turkey trip package. Across the whole united kingdom’s states, turkey meat is world-famous.



  • The turkey country meat contains a large number of minerals and vitamins, especially the dark turkey meat, as compared with the white turkey meat.
  • They used to cook the meat at 165º Fahrenheit so that it can be cooked nicely and all the raw place can get cooked.
  • The turkey people use to remove the chicken skin as they believe that its skin contains a large number of fatty acids
  • They prefer black meat as it contains vitamins B-6 and vitamin B-12 which are missing in white chicken, the cost of turkey black chicken is also high as compared with white chicken.
  • Turkey meats contain amino acids and tryptophan’s.
  • But eating too much turkey meat can be harmful to health as well

Turkey country also obtained the brussels sprouts food variants which signify as the healthiest diet, and desire low calories, and contains a dense form of nutritious vitamins. For a normal dietary, vitamin C and K must be included in every day’s diet system, 

  • It has been true that brussels sprouts are a nutritious content but it also has some bad elements too
  • To must eating of brussels sprouts may cause severe health issues
  • The cruciferous vegetables are been elementary that consuming this daily can increase blood production, reduce heart disease, and cancer reduction obtaining.
  • It helps to strengthen the bones; it must be especially consumed by the kids.
  • It contains vitamin k which reduce the chance of blood clotting,
  • The cruciferous vegetables can also be prepared as a soup variant, for more vitamin consumption.

Turkey Visa

If Namibia Nationals is planning to travel to turkey country, then they are required to apply for a turkey visa application. As per the turkey embassy regulated visa news the Namibia Nationals are been mentioned for visa requirements. Currently, the turkey embassy is allowing all the visa types to the tourist and accepting responsibility. The turkey flights are also available for conducting tourist journeys, but the border entries are been closed due to insufficient precautions of covid protocols.

The turkey embassy has conditioned certain visa rules-

  • Visa periods should be decided and declared by the tourist before the turkey visit, as after reaching the turkey land the tourist cannot extend or change the period.
  • The visa types also cannot be changed by the tourist after reaching the turkey land
  • Currently, only a single visa type option is available
  • The tourist must carry the passport original data of information while traveling along with the visa type


Turkey Visa Requirements

  • The passport original data of information’s is required for visa application 
  • The travelers must ensure their color image in the visa application form
  • An immigrant letter of approval is required for travel 
  • The travelers must have the travel insurance paper before appealing for a visa type
  • tourist 6 months transaction records and bank account details are required
  • no crime records must be an appeal in the traveler’s name
  • must consult the hospital firm for health examination test 
  • individual id evidence along with personal information’s like, house number, candidate full name, signature, and the candidate must book their flights and hotel before applying for a visa type.
  • Letter of invitations should be submitted if the person acquires.

Turkey Visa Online

How to apply for a turkey visa in an online mode, it is always suggestive that to prefer some verified site for visa bookings, most commonly and popular visa booking site among the travelers is none other than tourist via onlineThis site gives a productive service to its customer, by not delaying their visa application procedure, on-time visas are been delivered, the price charges for the visa are reasonable and much lesser than any other site. It provided 24/7 helpline service. 

The tourist visa online site is really good for visa booking service, as its customer's ratings and feedbacks are impressive enough.

Apply Turkey Visa

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