Steps to Apply Turkey Visa For Nepal Nationals

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Turkey Interesting Facts

No other country can compete for turkey beauty, food culture, and gestures; every country has some deriving and interesting facts. Turkey country also has some facts which are been unknown by many tourist travelers-

  • Did you know that turkey county has the world's oldest as well as the biggest malls founded in the grand bazaar of Istanbul? This mall contains more than 3000 shops and each shop has been legalized and documented by the turkey embassy.
  • It is not a surprising fact in turkey that chicken is served as the dessert dish, as the chicken is boiled and prepared with sugar and milk, and dusted with kesars, nuts, and cinnamon.
  • Turkey is the package of destination locations; it has been identified as the land of temples; it has many heritage architectures, many historic museums, and buddha temples which have been built before the battle time.
  • Turkey was the first country where tulips had been first grown. Its Flemish bulbous flowers were first exported to Holland, and now tulips are grown all over the world. 
  • Most of the art scenarios are being practiced in Istanbul; it is the contemporary art gallery.
  • In Turkey, being the first film festival that occurs, it has rushed down the box office, as it has been liked by a maximum of the Turkish population.
  • From turkey every 10 years, a new tree variant has been discovered as per the biological plant's survey reports.

In short, Turkey is an interesting place for sending holidays, as it is a beautiful place to visit in an affordable package.


Is Nepal A Country

Nepal is officially been declared as an independent federal democratic and independent land. It has been a landlocked country but has been a neighboring country of India. It has been mainly covered around the Himalayas, Indo-Gangetic plains, and Tibet plateaus. Its geographical conditions are suitable enough to produce agriculture in the fertile land. Kathmandu is been the capital of Nepal. The word Nepal came from the Vedic era which signifies the Indian subcontinents. Nepal is been first founded by the Hindus. In the time of British rules, when India gains its independence Nepal became its sub-directed continental part. The Nepali language is been identified as the official language of Nepal county.

Turkey Food

The turkey country is famous for its food production, as it has some delicious, and nutritious foods which the tourist must taste once they visit turkey. The traditional food causing variants are-

  • Pide - in another term it is known as Turkish pizza, as it has been toppings with sausages, meats of lambs, cheese, veggies, and flavor sauces. It's quite demanding and its taste is unique; it has been baked in the oven and is a common snacks variant for the turkey local people.
  • Donor- it is one of the most popular turkey food variants, it been wrapped with chicken, beef cooked spices, and also contains different vegetable variants, also consist yogurts, cheese, and garlic sauces; it is quite a delicious street food, it tastes are quite classy and one Donor will full once stomach.
  • Kuzu Tandır (roasted lamb)- It is one of the famous Turkish traditional dishes; it mainly contains meat. This dish has been served to the Lord Goddess, and it has been cooked in separate ovens, as this tradition has been followed up by the Seljuk Turks from their ancestor’s period. Along with it, yogurts are served to make the diet nutritious
  • Pilav (rice)- it has been the tasty Turkish rice, it has occasionally been served, in some cultural-religious practice, it has been prepared simply by onions, spices of Turkish, chickens, Pilav, and various smoothie veggies. The whole process rice will only be prepared with different kinds of butter. The Turkish people use yogurt in every dish to make it a nutritious and balancing diet.
  • Manti (dumplings)- it is Chinese cuisine dumplings, but it is prepared in Turkey with special Turkish spices. Manti's texture and taste are quite different; it is prepared with meat wrapped in a soft dough, and then it is fried and served with cheese, yogurt, and green and red tomato sauces.


Turkey Visa

Nepal Nationals are also been necessary to acquire the turkey visa; the turkey visa types are available on the site to accept responses as per the turkey embassy order.

Both of the variants visa types options are available for apply-

  • Turkey single visa type- this type has only been offered to approve single man entry; everyone has to apply separately for the visa. 
    • At a minimum time, it offers 30 days
    • For a maximum time, it offers 90 days.
    • Can be applied by any visitors
  • Turkey multiple visa type- this type has only been offered to approve multiple man entry; no need to apply individually for this visa type.
  • At a minimum time, it offers 90 days
  • For a maximum time, it offers 2 years.
  • All visitors cannot use this type of visa.

Requirements For Turkey Visa

The documents, which are being mandatorily required by the Nepal Nationals to get the turkey visa approval-

  1. Passport- an applicant must give a piece of original passport evidence to appeal for a visa condition. The passport must have a 6-month activation along with two blank pages at its back so that the turkey emblem can be stamped on the passport back.
  2. Photographs- - an applicant must satisfy this factor by uploading his/her color image in the application form; the image must be 2 x 2 inches resolution.
  3. Immigrant or non-immigrant letter- an applicant must have signed an immigration approval letter from the foreign minister's office.
  4. Personal information- An applicant must have provided their bank details, full name, valid house address, valid contact details, and email address.
  5. Health examination- an applicant must have taken their dose of vaccination and must have done all the physical tests before traveling to turkey country.
  6. Crime records- the turkey embassy has termed that an applicant must not have any criminal records.
  7. Traveling insurance paper- an applicant must have applied for the insurance paper before traveling to Turkey country.


Apply For Turkey Visa

The application process for Turkey's online visa is simple and easy, it being preferable to use a tourist visa online site for the booking process. As this site has been certified as a 100 percent verified site, it gives a 100 percent visa assurance guarantee, the site has processed more than 1M application forms. The tourist visa online site has 50M happy customers, and good assures 24/7 customized help support to its customers, provides a tracking facility along with the reference Id.

In short tourist visa online site is been the good preferable site for the online e-visa bookings, if you are the first visitors then it also offers a good discounts rating on the trip.

Apply Turkey Visa

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