Process of Applying Turkey visa for Ireland nationals

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If scrolling through Instagram took you to beautiful Turkish vacation pictures, then we are here to help you experience those places in person. In this article, we will take you through the process of getting a Turkish visa for Ireland citizens.

If you are a business person or a student from Ireland, then you can get in contact with an agency like tourist visa online to get your affairs in order for the visa application. However, if you want to visit Turkey simply for sightseeing on a vacation, then a visa on arrival will be good enough. 

Turkey is a part of both Western Asia and South-East Europe which makes it transcontinental and thus provides the country with a wide cultural spectrum.

This nation has a reputation of being a very famous visiting spot for tourists for hundreds of reasons. Islam is followed by a majority of the population, which is why you can witness some beautiful monuments influenced by the Islamic style of architecture.

Cities like Istanbul, Antalya, Bodrum, Cappadocia are some of the must visit places. It is a combination of beaches, castles, forts, mosques, caves, ruins, waterfalls and so much more. 

Continue reading the article further below to read more on getting a Turkish visa for Ireland nationals.



The travel rules and regulations of countries change rapidly due to the ongoing coronavirus. Here are some of the Turkey visa requirements for Irish citizens that must be followed in regards to Covid 19 and visa eligibility in general:

  • Applicants need to have a valid Irish passport, which should be valid for a period of the next six months. Failure to abide by this rule and lead to a denied entry.
  • The Form of Turkey, which can be filled online through the country’s official visa information website.
  • Travellers will also need to get tested negative for Covid 72 before the trip.
  • If you are visiting as a tourist, then you will have to book a return flight ticket and present its details to the embassy.



It is important to note that a traveller from Ireland only has to apply for a Turkish visa for Irish passport holders in case they are entering Turkey for work, education, immigration or any other purpose which requires them to stay for more than 90 days.

Most online application processes through travel agencies involve just a few simple steps now. The applicant does not even have to step out and visit an embassy in person for this.

Below, we have compiled a list of steps on how to apply for Turkish visa from Ireland:

  • The online application can be done even 24 hours before the trip.
  • Find the application form on the immigration website.
  • Fill the form and attach your documents scanned digitally.
  • Pay the fees online and submit.
  • The applicant should then receive the Turkish visa for Irish citizens, within the next 24 hours.


Visa on Arrival

Travellers can go through the eligibility of their passports and other documents with agents from tourist visa online to prevent any issues at the airport after arriving.

  • When your flight lands at Turkish international airport, you will have to show the Irish Passport to prove your citizenship.
  • After you enter the country, you will be required to fill a health form and present your negative Covid 19 report.
  • Lastly, visit the local embassy after leaving the airport and you can register your arrival and get the on arrival Turkish visa for Ireland.

Apply Turkey Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

The official currency in circulation is the Turkish Lira. Travellers have to present a bank statement that proves they have at least 15,000 Turkish liras. 

No, once a person has gone ahead with the application for Turkish visa for Irish citizens then it cannot be cancelled and refunded. The same case applies to rejection; the applicants do not get their fees back in any shape or form.

Tourists can remain in the country for up to a total of 90 days, over a period of 180 days from the day of the visa issue.

No, a person from Ireland can visit the country for up to 180 days without a visa, this exception only applies to those visiting as a tourist. You can also check any further eligibility on the official tourist visa online website.

For a 90 days Turkish visa for Irish passport holders, they will have to shell out $150.

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