Detailed Process to Apply Turkey visa for Kuwait nationals

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Kuwait and Turkey are ally countries in several aspects, which makes getting a Turkish visa for Kuwait citizens an easy task. In this article we are going to tell you how you too can apply for a visa, book tours etc. online or through agencies like tourist visa online

This transcontinental country once ranked 6th on the list of the most popular tourist destinations. It has a very rich history due to the Ottoman Empire’s ancient presence. History, great architecture, scenery and beaches combined with its beautiful Mediterranean climate, makes Turkey, every tourist’s dream.

When visiting this country, one cannot think of just a single thing to expect because it is an amalgamation of so much. The Hagia Sophia, the colourful Grand Bazar, the local coffee and Turkish tea, the elaborate cuisine famous all over the world and the beautiful people, all these things make for an eye opening experience to a culturally rich way of life.

The country majorly follows Islam, but the lifestyle of the people is a combination of both the East and West. In conclusion, everyone in the world must visit this booming nation at least once in their lives for the best landscapes, honey, teas, heritage, flavours, traditions and culture.

Continue reading the article below to find out more about how to get a Turkish visa in Kuwait.


Visa Eligibility

If you are not a diplomat or a special passport holder from Kuwait, then a visa application is a must. 

E visa is a very convenient way to apply if you are going for a short vacation as a tourist. If the applicant has other purposes like education, business etc. then they will have to apply for a regular Turkish visa for Kuwait citizens.


E visa

The Turkish government began the e visa services in 2013 and it has made obtaining a visa, considerably easy for visitors. An electronic visa does not even require the intervention of a third party like a travel agency or a consulate. 

Here is a list of things, applicants must know before starting with the electronic Turkish visa application from Kuwait:

  • One of its biggest perks is that this visa is easier to apply for and costs relatively less than a regular visa.
  • Only travellers visiting for purposes of tourism or commerce can apply for this. 
  • Applicants will require a Kuwait passport valid for at least the next 6 months.
  • The application form is available in nine different languages for everyone’s convenience.
  • Applicants can make the payment through a MasterCard, Visa or any other common types of credit/debit cards. 

If you plan to study, work, conduct research, shoot films, start a business or any such thing, then an e visa will not suffice. For such activities, there are different types of Turkish visa requirements for Kuwait nationals.


Additional Documents

Here is a list of special documents the applicant will need. These Turkish visa requirements for Kuwait nationals are meant for certain kinds of applications, like:

  • Business – Letter of Invitation from the organisation/ Company Incorporation papers/ Tax statements
  • Medical Emergency – Medical report describing the Emergency/ Receipt of Medical fees paid/ Signed Doctor’s certificate
  • Student – Letter of Acceptance/ No Objection Certificate is important to even think of a Turkish visa application from Kuwait.
  • Special Events – Proof of Event/ Details of the complete organisation
  • Visiting – A letter proving Invitation from the resident

Before presenting the paper works to the consulate for submission, make sure to run them by a travel agent and get their expert opinion.

Apply Turkey Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

At the time of application, the Turkey visa fee for Kuwait is $15.

Leaving the country before visa expiry is the most important rule of international travelling. Flouting this rule can lead to detention, arrest and finally deportation.

Citizens which belong to the countries on the exemption list can stay without a visa for up to 90 days as tourists. You can check your Turkish visa for Kuwait eligibility from the official immigration website.

After application, you will receive an acknowledgement number essential for tracking. Visit the tourist visa online website and avail of their services for checking the status of your visa process.

Yes, if you submit an application to the Turkish visa application centre Kuwait before your visa expires, then an extension might be possible for certain cases.

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