How to Apply Turkey Visa For Solomon Islands Nationals

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The Solomon Islands is been recognized as a sovereign country, and it has been covered by 6 island territories and is an oceanic locational regional area. Honiara is been the capital region of the Solomon Islands. The Solomon Islands was the first to participate in the Olympics games, it has never missed a chance to bring medals to their country. the Solomon Islands has been an active member of the national Olympic committee


Turkey Interesting Facts

Did you ever plan for a trip towards turkey, if not then change your mind and give a visit to this turkey land? Here I will explain some of the interesting facts about turkey which attracts the tourist to enjoys a relaxing and good destination place for spending a good holiday. The turkey embassy has passed a law that tourists will be allowed to enter the turkey land from February, all the visa forms will be available for application. 

Some incredible facts about turkey country-

  • Istanbul is been partitioned into two continental zones, the reason separating the city into two continents is Bosporus, the major population in Istanbul city is off the Asian citizens, and very few are European population.
  • Though Istanbul is the largest city across the turkey country then also Ankara is the capital of turkey. As Ankara is the locative trade center where all the traditional artworks, cultural hubs, exports, and imports goods are been exchanged.
  • The main name derived for Istanbul is byzantine, the reason behind giving this name is byzantine is a Greek word which means Byzas the founder of the city, and this city is been founded in the era of 1930.
  • The concepts of Santa Claus have their origination in turkey country, on the mid night of 25th December, children are been gifted with chocolates in a hanging sock.
  • Turkish tea and coffee are popular drinks and it been served in a small tulip-shaped glass, its liquor is been quite famous across the whole turkey country.
  • Turkey has been the largest youngest population holding country, on an average calculation the maximum growing population is under the age of 25 to 30 a very few proportions are under the age of 65.
  • Turkey's national identified sport is oil wrestling, the country has gained medals and honor for their sporting sprits. 
  • In turkey, hazelnuts are been produced so turkey became the main exporter of hazelnuts, as its climatic conditions suit its production. It has been mainly founded near the territories of black sea origin.
  • Turkey's geographical climatic condition pursuits the production of self-independent agriculture production.
  • The turkey nation uses more than 30 ethnic languages in their country, as different spoken citizens use to live there, while its regular and common spoken language by its local people is Arabic, Zazaki.
  • The turkey country women are been given equal honor as men, the laws and regulations are quite strict enough, against any ill-treatment practice on women.

Traveling to turkey is a good idea for visiting, as it has many historical monuments, beaches, museums, and architecture which attracts the tourist.

Turkey Visa Tourist

The Solomon Islands Nationals are been eligible to apply for a visa condition, they just have to submit the passport original and ordinary details with which they can pursue turkey e-visa for their traveling purpose. The turkey visa offers 30 days of traveling time to their tourist as per the turkey embassy visa informative news. The Solomon Islands Nationals can further extend this period up to 90 days depending on the visa’s pre-requisite conditioning. 

The turkey visa is been conditioned that it inherits common two types of visa permissions that is-

  • Single visas- with its single individual entry is allowed, and all individuals have to book their visas separately. 
  • Multiple visas- multiple individual entries are allowed, and no need to book visas separately for every individual.


Turkey Visa Application

Before Applying For A Visa Condition Always Keep These Facts In Mind-

  • Book the visa type from some reputed visa booking sites, you can check tourist visa online site for booking purposes.
  • Only verified paper of records should be submitted
  • Never provide the bank substantial OTP, transaction id to any customized executors
  • Always keep a copy of the complete visa application form
  • Never substantial any invalid information otherwise the visa can get canceled
  • It has been conducted by the embassy rules, that no refunds are been given if the visa gets canceled.

How To Get A Visa For Turkey

The turkey visa is currently not available for the application process, but the turkey embassy has passed a law that on the February month onwards few visa types for the tourist visit will be available for the application process. 

The genuine suggestion for the booking purpose you can prefer tourist visa online site for the booking process, as it is a reliable site and easy to handle.


  • Use a preferable browser and search for the tourist visa online site 
  • Open that website and selects the destination place along with the nationalist option
  • A page will open which will contain all the information of that destination read the consequent article properly, then click on the apply option and select the visa type option
  • After selecting the visa type option, you will be getting an application form
  • Filled that form with all verified information and justified paper of records
  • Complete the payment status, the travelers can pay their visa dues from any online platform as all the payment options are been acceptable.
  • Submit that form
  • After submitting the complete form, keep a print of that copy, for future preference.

Turkey Time

Both Solomon Islands and Turkey country are been differ from each other, but in facts of those issues, turkey country maintains a good relationship with the Solomon Islands country. the time difference of both the countries is quite different the turkey country time is 9 hours behind the Solomon Islands time. The Solomon Islands is been helping turkey country with military equipment and arms at the time of the trojan war. 


Requirements For Turkey Visa

  • Passport original and ordinary details are needed
  • Image conditions are been required to be fulfilled by the travelers.
  • No police cases or crime records the travelers must inherit
  • Non-immigrant letters from foreign ministers are essential
  • All the personalist information’s are needful
  • Id citizenship cards are essential for visa application
  • Bank statements and reservation booking details are indeed needed
  • Must assure health examination from some health departments.

Apply Turkey Visa

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