What is the Process to Apply Turkey visa for Jamaica nationals

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If you would like to visit Turkey for a perfect vacation time, then you should read this article on Turkish visa applications by Jamaicans.

Here, we will tell you all about the beautiful places you can visit, while also updating you about the visa application process through agencies like tourist visa online etc.

The atmosphere and culture followed all over Turkey has both Asian and European influences due to its geographical location. The country houses some of the most beautiful architectural remains as reminders of the great Ottoman Empire. The main cities which are a must visit are Istanbul, Antakya, Ankara, Izmir and some others. 

A Turkish visa for Jamaican tourists will be enough for a 90 day trip to explore many parts of the country. Its Mediterranean climate is perfect for travelling and leisure activities. 

You can visit its Bazaars, world heritage sites, famous museums and gorgeous mosques; try the heavenly cuisines and beverages that Turkey is known for all over the world.

Over the years, the economy from tourism has boomed which has led to the development of some of the most beautiful hotels, resorts etc. These awe-inspiring places are like little pieces of heaven on top of mountains, lakes, beaches etc. Continue reading the article further to find out all about a Turkish visa application by Jamaicans.



There are more than ten types of visas available for applicants, depending on the purpose of their visit. 

From the list mentioned below, you can select which ever Turkish visa for Jamaicans suits your needs best. 

  • Tourist 
  • Business or Commerce visa
  • Festival/Event/ Exhibition visa
  • Diplomatic/Official visa
  • Education – which includes Student/internship/research or any course
  • Working visa
  • Other – like Medical/ filmmaking etc.



Once the applicant has chosen the kind Turkish visa from Jamaica they want to apply for, the next step is to consolidate all the documents. 

Incomplete or wrong documents are a major cause for most visa rejections; thus it is better to consult with a travel agency expert before the final submission:

  • Passport with a six month validity to prove your Jamaican citizenship; the original and one copy of it.
  • One passport-sized photograph taken recently.
  • Documents that support your reason for visit like letter of invitation/ medical forms etc.
  • Bank account statement with financial records from the past three months. It is to prove that you are capable of sustaining yourself financially on this trip.
  • Complete travel itinerary of with travel details.
  • Receipts of hotel accommodation bookings
  • A copy of the Turkey visa application form Jamaica filled by the applicant in capital letters.
  • Fees to be paid at the time of submission.
  • Medical Insurance.


Rules for Application

We have listed some of the most important rules and regulations regarding the Turkish visa application by Jamaicans which should be adhered to:

  • Those who are not on the visa exemption list can visit a consular agency (after scheduling an appointment), the e visa website or a travel agency like tourist visa online for the application.
  • Keeping in mind any unexpected delays, you must submit the application at least a month in advance to the trip.
  • The visitor must not stay past their 90 day allotment if they don’t want to get arrested or detained.
  • Medical Insurance is a must as part of the Turkey visa requirements for Jamaicans.
  • If you are a minor applying for the visa, then you will have to submit a consent letter from the parents or legal guardians; it must be attached along with the application form.
  • In case your application gets rejected, the fees will not be refunded at any cost.

Apply Turkey Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

The tourist Turkish visa for Jamaica nationals lets them stay in the country for 90 days and has a total validity spanning 180 days.

If you are applying for an electronic Turkish visa for Jamaicans, the payment methods can range from a Visa, MasterCard to any other acceptable types of Debit or Credit cards.

Yes, in order to keep another Covid 19 wave in control, international travel authorities have announced that visitors must be fully vaccinated with both the doses. 

If you have applied via a reputable agency like tourist visa online, the processing time can take anywhere from 5 days to a week, after which the applicant will receive the visa in their email.

Yes, even minors and infants require their very own Turkey visa application form Jamaica, which can of course be filled and submitted by the parents.

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