How to Apply Turkey Visa for Citizens of Portugal

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We have all heard about the country ‘Turkey’. We have also heard about the famous city Istanbul which is also the financial capital of the country, attracts more tourists from all over the world. The small country of Turkey is located in the western Asian peninsula. Turkey is surrounded by the Syrian sea and Mediterranean Sea. Ankara is the capital of the country and is also the largest. As we all are quite aware of the fact that Turkey is a place of popular Islamic culture and architecture and also has a rich history like we have read before about the Ottoman Empire. We all have heard about the moment of Ghazni who had invented Gujarat and the Somnath temple. Even there are many strong histories that are from Turkey and many histories are also related to India and therefore Turkey is a place where you can definitely find a rich historic past. Even when you are visiting Turkey you must have your evisa or the online visa which is a must for all the foreigners who are trying to visit Turkey. The evisa is either you can apply online through tourist visa online or even you can apply by going to the embassy. New you are applying for the visa online, make sure that you are well aware about the Documents and crosscheck it before you are submitting the application form. While you are applying for the visa online you will also get the opportunity to track the status of your visa and also paid the fees of the visa online itself by the credit card or a debit card. And after you are done with the application of your visa you will be sent via your email the soft copy of your visa which you can show when you are entering Turkey.

Tourist Visa Online Will help you to go throughout the process of the application of your visa and it is important that the citizens of Portugal will Get the multiple entry tourist visa to Turkey. When you are filling out the application form for the visa at that time if you have any kind of problems then you are very much welcome to ask us any doubts and we will help you out throughout the process with all the possible way we can.


Types of Visas That are available when you are visiting Turkey for the Portugal citizens

Tourist Visa – This visa is mainly designed for those people who love visiting all over the world for tourism purposes and has made Turkey as one of the destination spots. Even the people who will be visiting the friends and family who are already residing in Turkey can also opt for this tourist visa. Above all when you are applying for the visa to Turkey you need to give, you’re a proof of accommodation or the hotel that you will be living in when you are in Turkey.

Business Visa – This visa is mainly issued to those professionals who want to visit Turkey for business related purposes either to expand their business or to grow the brand name of the company. For this, they need to bring with them the cover letter from the institution as a proof of their purpose of visiting Turkey.


Documents required for applying a visa online to Turkey for the Portugal citizens

  • The applicant must make sure that the passport that he or she has should have the validity for at least 3 months which includes their stay duration in the country.
  • The applicant should carry with him or her the bank details and bank balance statements which should have the proof that he or she will be able to afford their stay duration in Turkey.
  • The applicant should carry with him or her two passport size photos which should have 80%face coverage with white background and Matt finish.
  • The applicant should keep two blank pages on the passport.
  • The applicant must bring his or her airline tickets as a proof which will show his or her departure dates and arrival dates as well.
  • The applicant if applying for a visa for the purpose of business-related work, then he or she need to show the officials the cover letter from the institution.
  • The processing time of the visa is 3 to 4 days provided if it is a tourist visa and has the validity period of 180 days along with stay validity of 90 days. 

Apply Turkey Visa

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