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The Southern East Asian country Vietnam was popularly known for its famous tourist spots including Ha Long Bay. Beaches, historical cities, Hanoi city, and Ho Chi Minh City are centers of attraction for most visitors traveling to Vietnam. Andorra nationals also visit Vietnam country to visit these famous historical sites. All the visitors around the world need to follow the Vietnam Visa rule to obtain entry. Vietnam Visa is required for some countries and not required for some countries. Vietnam visa for Andorra nationals must need to be obtained. Otherwise, Andorra nationals will be denied to enter through the immigration points.


Vietnam visa for Andorra nationals

Visa to Vietnam for Andorra passport holders can be received in two ways. Andorra nationals can get their Vietnam visa from the diplomatic office. They have a second option to acquire a Vietnam visa online without the need to visit the embassy. Andorra nationals also need to follow and take care of other entry requirements to visit Vietnam. Vietnam immigration department has exempted around 24 nation passport holders to obtain the visa. But, still, the visa-exempted nation by Vietnam has to show some documents. 

Vietnam tourist visa for Andorra national

Many foreign nationals from Andorra travel to Vietnam for tourism reasons. Therefore government also provide tourist visa for Vietnam to Andorra nationals. Andorra nationals can apply for a tourist visa for Vietnam online. The alternative way to obtain a Vietnam visa online is a more preferred option. The e-visa for Vietnam is the visa Andorra nationals should get to visit the country for travel purposes. The Andorra national can get a Vietnam visa quickly, safely, and in time. The Andorra national can apply for a Vietnam online visa if they are traveling to the country for reasons like:

  • tourism, vacation, etc
  • Business
  • Visiting family, relative or friend
  • Leisure and enjoyment
  • Study
  • Journalism



The Vietnam visa for Andorra nationals obtained online will remain valid for 30 days only. Andorra nationals can stay in Vietnam for one month.  Andorra nationals should use their Vietnam visa in 30 days. 

Single Entry

The Vietnam visa for Andorra nationals acquired by filling online Vietnam application for a tourist visa can only be used for one-time visits. Andorra nationals need to apply for another tourist visa for Vietnam if they are visiting again. They can not use the same visa even if the Vietnam visa is not expired. 

Steps to apply for a Vietnam visa for Andorra nationals

Andorra nationals applying for Vietnam visas from the embassy need to visit the embassy. Andorra nationals should collect and fill the tourist visa form or relevant visa form for Vietnam. Andorra nationals may need to attend the meeting. They should take original documents and copies of all documents for a Vietnam visa. Fees need to be submitted. Therefore Andorra nationals should also have necessary fees while applying for a Vietnam visa from the embassy.

An easy process for Andorra nationals to receive a Vietnam visa is to obtain it online. Andorra nationals are eligible for e-visas. They can visit the online portal to get their visa to Vietnam. Visitors from Andorra can apply for a Vietnam visa by visiting the tourist visa online site.

  • Complete the online form for a Vietnam visa by providing personal information, and other details.
  • Add or upload the scanned copies or images of relevant documents for a Vietnam visa.
  • Pay the Vietnam online visa fees.
  • Acquire your Vietnam online visa sent via email.



A 30-day single entry-only visa for Vietnam will cost 50.0 USD for Andorra nationals.

Documents required

Andorra nationals need to have a few important documents to apply for a Vietnam tourist visa.

  • Email ID to receive the Vietnam online visa
  • Photograph for identification of Andorra nationals for online form
  • Passport for Identity proof and security reasons for Andorra nationals
  • Online mode of payment to pay 50.0 USD fees

Vietnam visa entry requirements for Andorra nationals 

  • Andorra nationals must not have a criminal background to visit Vietnam with less trouble.
  • Andorra nationals should need to be original and valid for another 6 months while entering Vietnam.
  • Andorra nationals will also need to have 30 days Vietnam visa or other entry visas to obtain entry.
  • Sufficient funds criteria should need to be met. Andorra nationals can provide Bank statements as evidence.
  • Hotel bookings and confirmed flight tickets.


Vietnam visas for Andorra nationals are easily available on Tourist Visa online. The Vietnam embassy visa will consume a lot of time, therefore Andorra nationals should get it online.

Apply Vietnam Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

The Vietnam e-visa can be used for attending meetings in the country. Andorra nationals can also use it to attend conferences and other business meetings.

Andorra nationals are an eligible nations and they can apply for Vietnam e-visa with a valid passport.

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