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Uganda is a country jam-packed with breathtaking landscapes, enormous wildlife, and greenery that soothes the soul. There are a lot of reasons for you to visit this scenic beauty, and Tourist Visa Online will provide you all the details about Uganda visa for Algeria nationals.   

Uganda is one of Africa’s gems, and the culture of this country will leave you at awe. The country is an enthralling place for travel enthusiasts, you get so much more at this place, from rain-stained forests and misty hills, from hippos to elephants, and lots of flora all around, this is the perfect holiday destination for you.


Citizens of all countries can apply for a visa to Uganda online and get an e visa within a short period of time, with no need to visit the embassy and go through all the hassles except for the citizens of Somalia who have restricted entry and transit, unless they possess a biometric passport.

Hence, if you are from Algeria, you can fill the application form on Tourist Visa Online.

The Uganda visa on arrival countries facility has been replaced with an e visa facility by the government. Hence, citizens will have to apply for a visa beforehand except from the countries that are visa exempt, like Malaysia, Angola, Bahamas, Barbados and many more.

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Both the countries gained independence in 1962, on July 5th and October 9th for Algeria and Uganda respectively.

They admitted themselves into the United Nations the same year. The countries also established their embassies in 1975 and 2016 respectively.

Uganda and Algeria share great trade and bilateral relationships with each other, they also had a meeting in 2019 discussing strengthening their bilateral relationship.

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If you are planning on applying for the e visa to Uganda, you should have these Uganda visa requirements along with you before applying:

  •         A valid Algerian passport that should be valid for at least 6 months.
  •         A passport size photograph.
  •         Hotel accommodations
  •         Travel itinerary
  •         Flight bookings proof
  •         A cover letter stating the reason for your visit to Uganda
  •         A medical certificate for yellow fever.

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Before visiting this country, you might have few questions on your mind as to why visit Uganda. Read the reasons below:

Murchison Falls:

You do not want to miss this breathtaking fall which you can reach by a boat cruise by the Victoria Lake, or by safari. You can enjoy the enormous  waterfall, you can also visit the surrounding Murchison falls conservative area and spot some of the iconic animals like, African lion, elephants and giraffes.

Lake Victoria:

This is the heart of Uganda, and the birthplace of the famous Nile River. It is Africa's largest lake, and the world’s largest tropical lake. It also has the world’s largest ecosystem. Hence, a visit to this place is worth it. You can witness lots of the beauty of the flora and fauna here.


This town is where the River Nile originates from and hence makes a great tourist experience. This town is also called Africa’s adrenaline capital, where you can pump up your blood with several activities like white water rafting, mountain-biking, quad biking and kayaking.

Ssese islands:

This is a major tourist attraction in Uganda that comprises a total 84 islands each of different shapes and size and also different flora and fauna. You can watch some chimpanzees, walk on the white sand, walk through the beaches, enjoy horse riding, and so much more.


The capital city has so much to offer to the visitors. You can visit several churches, cathedrals, temples, museums, art galleries and look at the culture of the country so closely. You can also spend your time by shopping and trying out new things while in the city.

Ndere Centre:

This is where you get to enjoy the Ugandan culture and get a clear touch of it through traditional music and dance. It is open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings. You can enjoy the 700 seat amphitheatre along with dinner and dance.

Bwindi impenetrable national park:

This Park provides breathtaking Mountain View along with a huge collection of wildlife.  Also this home to the largest population of mountain gorillas, you can go gorilla trekking here and see some of the mountain gorillas right in front of your eyes.

The Equator:

This is one of the unique things that you can experience in Uganda. You can stand right on the equator and be at two hemispheres at once. It is amazing, isn’t it? The best landmark is on Kampala-Masaka Road, you can find a few restaurants here and also some crafts and souvenir shops.

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Q. What is the customs import and regulations that I need to keep in mind while visiting Uganda?

You should always go through the import and export regulations while visiting the country.

The items that are allowed to import are:

  •         Tobacco- 250 grams
  •         Perfumes
  •         Personal use goods worth $500.

The items that are prohibited are:

  •         Distilled beverages
  •         Drugs
  •         White phosphorus matches
  •         Products containing mercury
  •         Some of the agricultural and industrial chemicals

Restricted items are:

  •         Unprocessed foods will require government clearance
  •         Animals
  •         Arms and ammunitions
  •         Ivory powder and paste
  •         Ozone depleting substances
  •         Historical artifacts

Q. How can I extend my visa?

To apply for an Uganda visa extension, you would need to visit the immigration and apply for one. Make sure to apply for a visa extension beforehand to avoid overstaying in the country and facing fines.

Q. What is the Uganda visa cost and processing time?

A Uganda visa will not cost you much; it would cost you around USD77 and take 3-7 days processing time. You can also opt for express visa service which will get your visa processed in just 48 hours.

Hence, Uganda is a country that will dig deep into your senses and make you fall in love with the vast wildlife and nature that the country has. With so many tourist destinations all around you will not have to search more about the tourism of this perfectly splendid country.

Uganda visa for Algeria nationals is a simple process that can be completed just by sitting at your home. Now that all your Uganda visa problems have been solved you can go and fill out the application form and get ready to fly.

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