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How many times have you heard from people that the “visa” process takes a long time and is very complicated? How many times have you delayed planning a trip to a foreign country because of these visa complications? We live in the 21st century and depending on the internet most of the time is a natural thing. Now, you can do almost anything in the comfort of your own house! E-visas are getting widely known lately considering the ease and the swiftness they offer. Here is the thing, getting a visa can be expensive but not for every country. Uganda, the pearl of Africa, is one of a few countries that offer affordable visa services.

You need to first apply for an Uganda e-visa from the official site offered by the government but before you do that, it is important to understand the procedure thoroughly. I bet there are the majority of people out there who still live in the dilemma that visas are difficult to get and take a very long time. This article is here to prove you wrong about any assumptions you might have about visa and immigration processes for travellers.

Several agencies will get you through your E-Visa process smoothly and successfully. Knowing the basics about this procedure of ‘new to age’ E-Visa will help you understand the process in an even better way.

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Procedure to Apply for Uganda E-visa:

Ever since we were introduced to the internet, the world surely came closer than ever before. Travelling is one of many things that became far easier with the help of it. If you enjoy travelling or visiting Uganda regarding business or studies or for holiday, medical, you are required to apply and obtain a visa online.

  • For application, you will need to visit the official visa and immigration site of the Government of Uganda
  • Here, you will need to submit an application where you will need to fill in a few details about yourself and your reason for applying for the visa. You will be required to specify if you are visiting Uganda for business or tourism or study purposes.
  • Your submitted application will be studied by an immigration officer. During the approval process of your submitted application, it is important to note that the immigration officer can require some additional information. The new required information can be submitted electronically through the "Manage your applications" option on the webpage.
  • You will get to know whether or not your application has been accepted via electronic mail that will be sent to the mail address you provided during your application.
  • If it is accepted, the mail sent to you will have a link attached where you will find the approval letter of your application. Click the link to download the document.
  • It is important to remember that this is only the travel authorization i.e. the first and the most important step in your e-visa process. Once you are approved, it will be necessary for you to subject to secondary verification which is required before personalization.

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Required documents for Uganda E-Visa:

It should not come as a surprise that while getting a visa, you will have to submit many governments authorized or legal documents. It is important to understand that the requirement of documents will differ according to your purpose of visiting the country. Here is the list of some important documents you will be required to submit in phase 2 of your application for Uganda E-Visa as a tourist:

  • A letter stating the reason for transit and country of destination
  • Support Document for visit (Medical)
  • Immigration Status of the Host
  • Cover letter detailing the purpose of visit
  • Recent Passport-size Photograph
  • Passport copy (bio-data page)
  • Invitation Letter
  • Invitation letter for the Conference
  • Vaccination Certificate (Yellow Fever)

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Fee Structure for Uganda E-Visa:

The fees differ for single entries and multiple entries. They also differ according to the amount of time your visa is eligible. The fees are as follows -

  • Single Entry:
  • For 3 months - around 120 dollars
  • For 6 months - around 170 dollars
  • Multiple Entries:
  • Up to 1 year - around 170 dollars
  • Up to 2 years - around 220 dollars

The given above was some basic information about the procedure of Uganda E-Visa. The visa requirements, as mentioned above, change according to the type of visa you need. But tourist visas are the most demanded ones as of right now. Remember that E-Visa is the simplest and fastest way to get your visa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An E-Visa, also known as Electronic Visa, is an electronically issued and stored authority for travel to The Republic of Uganda, which replaces the traditional paper visa process in most cases, relieving applicants from the necessity to stand in queues in Uganda consulates or at the border.

You do require an E-Visa for your visit to Uganda. Visitors from India need to obtain entry visas online, before arrival. Once your visa application is approved, you will receive the visa approval via email right in your inbox. The type of visa to enter Uganda will depend on several factors such as nationality, the purpose of your planned visit and duration.

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